Andy Calope

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Who is Andy Calope?

A struggling musician.

What is a struggling musician?

In simple terms, it's the opposite of big-name artists. Usually, a struggling musician has a day job that he hates and when night falls, he grab his guitar and hop around the city bars to play a tune or two in exchange for a free dinner. It's close to frustration.

At what streets do you always play?

I'm not into busking yet, maybe soon. It usually depends on the invites and events. No regular gigs up my sleeves, but sometimes, I hang out at The Outpost and/or Handuraw Pizza. That's Veteran's Drive and Gorordo Ave. respectively.

Where can I here your songs online?


What else do you do?

Facebook. Facebook. Facebook.

How can I follow you?

Thanks for asking: Here

In your opinion, what do you think is the best song EVER written?

#41 by Dave Matthews Band