Why Use UVLe Instead of Facebook

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a tweet asserting than productivity is better on UVLe than on Facebook
  • Sure, FB and other social media help launch modern revolutions, but running a class is something else.
  • Conversations in social media (like Facebook) tend to be fleeting, as they're mixed with other streams and streams of messages. On UVLe, conversation is threaded for easy digest.
  • On UVLe learning can be structured easily, without sacrificing "socialization." On Facebook, socialization tends to crisscross groups and postings that are not necessarily relevant to the learning priorities of the class.
  • If you're a teacher, do you really want to "friend" your students (or vice versa) and share with them your Boracay vacation photos? Will your students appreciate your Facebook "humor"? Or will you also find it "uncool" when your family and friends share your photos elsewhere?
  • If you're a student, do you really want your "friend" teacher to see your tagged photo from a party, knowing that you haven't submitted your assignment because you couldn't resist the fun?
  • Even if you're not "friends" with your students on FB, FB may not be the place to say it.

a tweet expressing frustration over the use of Facebook for academic purposes

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