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'''Sept-Oct 2013'''<br />
'''Sept-Oct 2013'''<br />
❧  UVLe Mobile on [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dandev.dilc.uvle&hl=en-GB Google Play] and [https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uvle-mobile/id719401413?ls=1&mt=8 App Store]<br />
❧ [http://uvle.up.edu.ph/login/upmlogin.php login for UP Manila users]<br />
❧ [http://uvle.up.edu.ph/login/upmlogin.php login for UP Manila users]<br />
❧ [[UVLe_LTI_Packages|addition of LTI packages]]<br />
❧ [[UVLe_LTI_Packages|addition of LTI packages]]<br />

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Sept-Oct 2013
❧ UVLe Mobile on Google Play and App Store
login for UP Manila users
addition of LTI packages
❧ more UVLe Activities
❧ more options for quizzes and assignments

❧ UVLe now connects to your Dropbox account via UVLe Dropbox Repository
❧ friendlier user interface featuring a dock for a customizable dashboard, shortcuts to "my courses", "my files," blogs, messages, and a course request form as well as a pull-down menu for course administration and profile settings
❧ files are shared from a database, allowing teachers to share a file in several courses without re-uploading it
❧ enhanced Forum that enables students to post and reply
❧ direct feedback to student assignments
❧ direct way of sharing files with students
❧ user-level customization of individual profiles and home pages
❧ set-up of groups of students depending on their answers in another activity
❧ enhanced wiki to encourage collaboration among students
❧ creation of areas accessible only to colleagues in your department
❧ https login and security fixes here and there
❧ more efficient and robust database
UVLe Mobile
❧ engines for mathematical expressions and molecule visualization (see UVLe Tutorials)
❧ "mind mapping" tools
❧ autosaving contents

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