Uyayi (Thesis)

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This project explores the kind of interaction that occurs between a deaf and a hearing person who both belong to one family. People with disabilities are often questioned about their capability to fulfill their role in a family, especially if they are the parents. There are already a lot of films and documentaries that tell stories of deaf people but most of them only showed the issues faced by deaf people during their childhood years up to their adolescent years (e.g. disability awareness, language acquisition, socialization and etc.). But deaf people’s lives do not stop when they passed the adolescent stage because adulthood and parenthood are bigger issues that they have to face. Hence, this film aims to depict this particular stage of deaf people’s lives through the characters of the deaf mother and her hearing son. Also, this project analyzes the fact that miscommunication, which is the biggest factor that creates conflict between the two characters in the film, can only be resolved if the two characters decide to change their perspectives and they both exert efforts to understand one another as suggested by the process of reframing which is included in the Interactional View theory of Paul Watzlawick.

Sastrillo, B.H. (2010). Uyayi, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines, College of Mass Communication.