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The UP UvLe (University Virtual Learning Environment) is an online course management system that enables instructors to

  • organize their classes around topics, themes, weekly schedules
  • upload digitized materials and share them with students
  • link relevant materials from other sites
  • post announcements that will be sent out automatically to students
  • create online forums and wikis for students to participate in.

Powered by an open-source application called Moodle, UvLe is maintained and operated by the Diliman Interactive Learning Center (DILC). The name "UVLe" is (homophonic play of "Oblê" that's a contraction of "Oblation"--a university symbol) is a platform for students to freely interact or collaborate with their instructors and fellow students. It is constructed with a pedagogy that imbibes self-discovery, self-instruction, "learning by doing" and experimentation. Learn more about Moodle's pedagogy.

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Initially developed by 3 UPD students in 2000 with the guidance of the UPCC, UVLê pursues UP's tradition of excellence in academic computing. It won the "Best of Student Projects (Institute of Higher Learning)" in the Asia Pacific Information and Communications Technology Awards in Kuala Lumpur, in 2001. From the initial hosting of 33 "virtual classes" during the first semester of 2001, it has since hosted close to 880 classes for 16,953 users as of September 2008.

While UVLe is now on Moodle code base, it has a long history of technical innovation. See Old UVle's changelog.


1. UVLe CRS integration. Features: single-click UVLe course creation

2. Integration of videoconference and Net meeting features from Dimdim

3. Classic Uvle user interface


Mark Benedict Uy (Developer)

Lawrence Libo-on (Developer)

Myra Jill Siason (Technology and Quality Control Consultant)

Rowena Moralejo and Ma. Theresa Reamon (Support Staff)