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upCurrents is a personal updater for things UP (University of the Philippines). It automatically gathers UP-related news, updates, RSS feeds, videos, event calendars (music, sports, arts, academic). upCurrents also plays UP-FM, an online music radio of the university, and DZUP. More info: dilc.info/currents || Support: dilc.info/help || Facebook.


upCurrents now collects updates from the following sites:

Many UP sites should be included but the challenge is that they're not RSS-ready.

Mobile Download

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Both upCurrents site and mobile app

  • updates aggregated from various official sources
updates pushed directly to your mobile phone

updates can be viewed on a web browser upCurrents

upCurrents Site

  • geotagged updates
  • quick sharing of updates using Facebook, Twitter or email
  • content embedding using the ff html codes that you can cut and paste into your
  • watch youtube video channel
  • plays UP-FM


upCurrents Mobile

updates pushed directly to your mobile phone

plays UP-FM

search UP sites

plays UP videos

calendar events

college updates

Opportunities for Instructional Engagement

  • production, curation, and distribution of creative and research work
  • presentation of student and faculty outputs

Q & A

  • Will upCurrents replace actual visits to different sites?

No. upCurrents only collects parts of stories found in UP websites. To view the full story, one has to visit the online site concerned. The app encourages access of UP sites used in upCurrents.

  • Why is my unit's update not on upCurrents?

It's possible that your website has no RSS capability. Please coordinate with DILC to remedy the situation.

Development Team

upCurrents flyer

upCurrents Site (RC)

  • Althene Faustine Labog
  • James De Dios

upCurrents Site (beta)

  • Eriel Bondoc
  • Glaiza Marie Enriquez
  • Erickson Sombillo

upCurrents Mobile (v2.2.3.x)

  • Arnie Jay Ibe

upCurrents Mobile (v2.x)

  • Darwin Gonzales

upCurrents Mobile (v1.0)

  • Janice Cereno
  • Mary Kristine Flores
  • Febbie Ann Navis

Project Management

  • Ma. Cristina Dalupan
  • Daniel Villareal
  • Darwin Gonzales


  • Comments, suggestions are most welcome. Email them to dilc@dilc.upd.edu.ph

To Do

  • Events (via iskwiki)
  • thumbnail photos for news items
  • campus-specific, status-specific (student, faculty, staff, alumni, parents) initial setup
  • UPNionator

Known Issues

  • error in parsing some non-rss pages
  • impartial fetch of some non-rss pages

In the News