University of the Philippines Variates

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The University of the Philippines Variates is a duly recognized socio-academic organization in UP Diliman. The organization is the brain child of the exuberant and vibrant minds of Romeo Sayson, Ruel Algas, and Richard Tan and was founded twenty years ago in September 8, 1989. We cater to the students of the School of Statistics. We aim to shape our members into well-rounded individuals geared to face the challenges of the future


The University of the Philippines Variates, better known as the U.P. Variates is a socio-academic organization which was established in 1989.

The University of the Philippines Variates started out as a result of the need of another college-based organization in the Statistical Center (the former name of the School of Statistics). It was summer of that year when three Statistics majors, Romeo Sayson II, Richard Tan, and Ruel Algas (the Triumvirate) put their minds to work, and together formed the basic foundations of the U.P. Variates.

Early in the opening of the Academic Year 1989-1990, twenty-six other Statistics majors, from freshmen to seniors, joined the Triumvirate to officially establish the U.P. Variates on August 1, 1989. Eventually, this group of individuals with a common goal was duly recognized by the Statistical Center as a bonafide Statistics majors’ organization. After the election of the first set of officers of the organization (the Executive Board), and after the ratification of its constitution, College Secretary Josefina V. Almeda and Dr. Ana Maria Tabunda signed the University of the Philippines Variates’ Certificate of Recognition in September 8.

The founding members of the organization worked on organizational matters for the rest of the semester. With Richard Tan at the helm as its first elected president, the organization started slowly to finally gain basic stability. The first recruitment activity was in the second semester with the Prime Movers as the first batch of applicants.

Executive Board, AY 2018-2019

Siegfred Roi L. Codia, President
Ian Joseph I. Alden, Vice President

John C. San Juan, Academic Resource
Asher Rene C. Barcelona, Finance
Rya Alyzza M. Del Mundo, Internal Affairs
Marisol Giro , Membership
David Angelo S. Brillantes, Secretariat
Stephanie M. Osio, Social Consciousness

20th Anniversary

The University of the Philippines Variates, like so many other things, started from nothing but an idea, the idea that academics is not the only thing that is important in life, that social awareness and action was just as important. This small idea was nurtured by a group of likeminded individuals, and eventually it grew to be something great.

Twenty years have passed since the establishment of our organization. Surely, a lot of things have changed, but the core values of the organization have not. The pursuit of academic excellence is still there. The spirit of social service is still there. The drive to serve is still there.

That is what we celebrate every year during the anniversary. We celebrate the continuing effort of likeminded individuals in creating a better society, in changing the world, even in little ways with small ideas.

The Theme

This year’s theme is ROBUST: Varying Through Time, Remaining As One. This explains what Variates has been through the years. Robust is a statistical property that means that the data performs well under modifications of the underlying assumptions. It is summed by the subtitle: Varying Through Time, Remaining As One. Throughout all the twenty years that Variates has been alive, there have been any changes, externally and internally, but no matter what happened, Variates is still Variates.

Despite the change that time has brought, Variates has remained One.


UP Variates has a long line of activities which aims to bring out the best of its members’ talents, skills and knowledge, and at the same time, help the community where the organization functions. We believe the Statistics students should not only excel in academics but should also hone his or her social well-being.

Academic Enhancement Activities

Company Tour. This is one of the privileges of being a Variant. In this activity, we tour various offices and corporations to give us a glimpse of the kind of work we will have after graduation.
Number Hunting. This is an inter-committee contest held during the Anniversary Week that tests everything the members have learned from their Math and Stat subjects. Exciting and mind-draining, this will surely get the participants’ brains bleeding.
Statistical Challenge (StatCha). This is one of the biggest activities of the org where we invite secondary schools to join in this contest all about Statistivs. This is also our way of helping the School of Statistics because Stat is being promoted to high school students as both a science and a career.
Thesis Assistance Program (TAP). This is our service to the University and to other schools as well. It also aims to develop the statistical consulting skills of the members.
Thesis Assistance Program Seminar. This seminar is exclusively for members of the organization. It is held every year to prepare the members for the Thesis Assistance Program itself. An expert in the field of Statistical consulting is usually invited to encourage and share his knowledge and experience.
Tutorials and Sample exams. This is a privilege for the members. This is a big help in studying for tests.

Community Welfare Activities

Adopt-a-child. If you like children, then this activity is for you. Held every Anniversary Week, this activity aims to bring joy to underprivileged children. Even if you hate children, this activity can still be fun. After all, spreading a little joy is worth everything.
Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE). This is part of a University-wide event wherein different organizations hold seminars or workshops as an alternative to traditional classroom learning. Usually, we conduct movie screenings and talks for the audience.
Christmas with the Oldies. This is how Variates celebrates Christmas. For one whole day, the members give love and joy to the lolos and lolas at the Golden Acres Home for the Aged. There is a program and each participant is given a very special gift.
Educational Discussions (ED). These discussions increase the members social awareness. Usually, talks about current social issues are held. Speakers from various organizations and institutions are invited.
Grand Educational Discussion. As the name implies, it is a Grand version of the ED. It is held during Anniversary Week.
Grand Pakain. This is one of the most awaited activities of the members, the student body and even the faculty and staff. It’s pretty much implied. We serve free lunch for the general public. It is held during the Anniversary Week.
Rummage Sales. These activities are held in different barangays where we sell used clothes, shoes and accessories that were donated by the members to the org to raise funds.
Thanksgiving Mass. This is the time to give thanks to the Divine Providence for all the guidance and the blessings that the org has received. This is also a prayer offering for the Anniversary Week.

Bonding Activities

Anniversary Party and Alumni Homecoming. The grandest celebration of the org held during the first semester, this activity celebrates the birthday of our beloved organization. Along with the alumni, this party rages outside of school and all night long!
Candlelighting and Fun Night. The members gather often at the Sunken Garden to bond. Ordinary parlor games are played Variates-style which guarantees maximum fun and bonding.
Pasalubong Fest. Held during the start of every sem, when the members have just arrived from their respective home-provinces, the org gathers together at the tambayan for a fiesta of the different provincial delicacies brought by the members to share.
Play Fests. A member-applicant bonding activity. This activity fosters teamwork and cooperation in every participant.
Prodworks. Members show their teamwork and cooperation as they help each other with either general cleaning or exhibit-making.
Statwars. This coming January 2010 the UP Variates will be hosting the yearly friendship games between the 3 Statistical organizations: UP Variates, and UP Statistical Society of both UP Diliman and UP Los Banos. A fun activity to meet, bond and remain in good terms with people outside of our family.
Year-end/Sem-end Party and tribute. This is the last activity before everyone part ways after semester. There are games and awards and during the year-ender, a program is held for the graduating members of the organization. This is how we show our love for our brothers and sisters in the organization.


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