Understanding Filipino Values through the humor in the Ang Spoiled Segment in Bubble Gang


This study looked into how the humor in the “Ang Spoiled” segment in the comedy program Bubble Gang reflects Filipino Values. The method that was employed to gather the data was narrative semiotics which analyzed the narrative structure and the deep structure or underlying meaning of 20 episodes of the segment. Guided by the framework of John Fiske’s Television-as-culture theory, Hobbes’ Superiority theory of humor, and Jocano’s Pamantayan system, it has been found in the narrative that Yaya was found mainly to perform her tasks and to adjust to Angelina’s behavior and needs. Although Yaya spoiled Angelina by giving in to her demands, Angelina’s mom was found to be the reason why Angelina thinks that her actions were appropriate. Her lack of rules for Yaya to enforce, and her not being able impose discipline on Angelina due to her absence, were clearly the reasons for Angelina’s misbehavior. Without proper guidance coming from her, Angelina also became unaware of her cruelty to Yaya. It has been revealed that Yaya was also the one to whom the humor was directed at in the segment. Her inability to speak and comprehend the English language was what made most of the segments funny. The data significantly showed that although Yaya is considered as a central figure in the Filipino homes, she was still perceived as inferior by the audiences who watch and are entertained by the segment. In totality, the “Ang Spoiled” segment was found to be a venue that undermined Yaya’s importance and contribution in the most basic unit in the society, the family.

Sequitin, B. (2010). “You’re such a loser Yaya”: Understanding Filipino Values through the humor in the Ang Spoiled Segment in Bubble Gang. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis. University of the Philippines Diliman.

Subject Index: Wit and humor, Television comedies, Behavioral assessment, Household employees