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UVLe Training

Date: 14 April 2020


Instructional plans and modules for trainers were developed, providing venues for implementation and continuous improvement of training strategies. To encourage participation and in recognition of the different levels of expertise in the use of UVLê among teachers, ILC Diliman developed 3 modules, namely, Basics of Teaching with UVLê, Basics of Teaching with UVLê 2, and UVLêvel Up!

Basics of Teaching with UVLe

Participants are expected to be able to understand the benefits and potentials of LMS (and edtech in general) for interactive learning, to learn the basics of UVLê to level expectations (on the purposes of LMS) and prepare teachers for basic implementation, and to learn guidelines and best practices for UVLê integration. The module covers introduction on use of LMS and the blended learning design, motivation on the need to address the needs of 21st century learners, basics of creating an UVLê course page (logging in, requesting a course, basic navigation, enrolment settings, course information and format/layout, basic uses of blocks, putting contents, and basic activities.

Basics of Teaching with UVLe 2

Covers steps and best practices on enhancing course pages through use of blocks and monitoring tools, augmenting communication channels through forum activities and chat/messaging facilities, and evaluating students through online activities such as assignment submissions and quizzes. Topics include creating an assignment activity, setting feedback types, managing a question bank, creating question items, setting up a quiz activity, managing feedback and assessment options, creating polls, and setting up forums.

UVLevel Up!

Is a series of short workshops and/or meet-ups that aims to engage experienced/interested users to relatively advanced and/or specialized features of UVLê. Each session is designed independently of each other and is contained to a specific topic, i.e., to address varying interests on and needs for advanced features. Such approach provides a sustainable training framework and materials for seasoned, experienced, and advanced UVLê users. It also encourages innovation and helps identify potential UVLê leaders or edtech champions and blended course designers. Topics include (but are not limited to) creation and implementation of quizzes, groups and groupings for activities and course management, grading and grade book management, games for formative assessment, advance collaborative tools, and feedback activity and survey forms.


One-On-One Tutorial

ILC Diliman conducts one-on-one tutorials in UVLe.

Online Tutorials

A video tutorial is also available at ILC Diliman Youtube Channel.

See UVLe Self Help Videos

UVLe online guides:

Request Training/Tutorial

To request an UVLe training/tutorial, open a ticket at ILC Diliman Helpdesk. You may also email ILC Diliman Support at ilcdhelpdesk.upd@up.edu.ph.