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UVLe Mobile App is a mobile learning platform that enables students to access online courses, trainings online and offline from any devices.

UVLe Mobile for Android

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UVLe Mobile for Android

For Mobile and Tablet

UVLe Mobile for iOS

UVLe Mobile for iOS

Changelog - UVLe Mobile

Project Team


  • Developer
    • Jennifer Estrada

  • Technical Adviser
    • Tristan Jake Alcantara

  • Project Manager
    • Joseph Ryan Lansangan
    • Michael Van Supranes


  • Developers
    • Daniel Villareal (lead developer)
    • Emmanuel Domingo (intern)

  • Technical Advisers
    • Ma. Cristina Dalupan
    • Jastinne Cesar Macalalad
    • Dawn Benigno

student reaction on UVLe Mobile

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