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Date: 15 April 2020
Updated: 15 April 2020
== Integration ==
== Integration ==

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UVLe Integration

Updated: 15 April 2020


ILC Diliman integrates other UPD systems to UVLe. These integrations allow UVLe to communicate with other UPD systems and share information to UVLe users.

DilNet Account Integration

A DilNet Account (@upd.edu.ph) is a user account given to UP Diliman constituents that provides access to UP Diliman services. DilNet accounts are provided and managed by the University Computer Center.

ILC Diliman integrates DilNet accounts to allow UP Diliman constitutes to access UVLe. It is used to distinguish UP Diliman users and encourages centralized user directory to have a common user account across UP Diliman services.

To get a DilNet account, visit Diliman Network Helpdesk.

CRS Integration

ILC Diliman initiated the integration of CRS to UVLe to facilitate faster requests and e-learning set-ups. This integration comes with a module that integrates UVLe course creation functionalities in the CRS platform.

CRS is a computerized registration and student record system of UP Diliman. It is managed by the Office of the University Registrar.

Course Creation

CRS allows faculty members to create UVLe courses via UVLe Integration Module.

See Course Creation

Sync Class List

CRS allows faculty members to auto enroll students via UVLe Integration Module.

See Sync Class List

Link or Merge

CRS allows faculty members to link/merge UVLe courses via UVLe Integration Module.

See Link or Merge

Syllabi Upload

CRS allows faculty members to upload their syllabus via UVLe Integration Module. Currently, uploaded syllabus is not yet added to an UVLe course.

See Syllabi Upload

System GE Integration

UVLe implements a common module repository for System GE courses. Teachers need to request access to these modules to ILC Diliman in order to add in their GE courses. This is in the form of a Common Resource Block wherein faculty/students can view and download the common modules.

UP Mail Integration

In compliance with the UP Memo No. TJH 2019-07A Section 2 and 5, use of UP mail and Two-Factor Authentication(2FA) feature will be available for UVLe users. Users must link their account to their UP Mail before they can use this feature. Once linked, UVLe users may login via UP Mail to access their UVLe account.

See UP Mail Account Authentication