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Date Updated: 14 April 2020
Updated: 14 April 2020
== Exclusive Features ==
== Exclusive Features ==

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UVLe Exclusive Features

Updated: 14 April 2020

Exclusive Features

ILC Diliman develops UVLe exclusive features that are not available in the Moodle Plugins. These features are an innovative implementation in UVLe and are inspired by user requests.

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There are three conversion tools in UVLe:

Convert PDF to MP3

This feature will convert PDF into MP3 format. This will help students with visual impairment to access documents via sound.

Convert Image to Text

This feature will convert Image into Texts using the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. It works well with black text on white background and has at least 20 pixels text height. It will generate random text when detected borders from the image so make sure to sanitize the image before converting to text. The supported file upload are BMP, PNM, PNG, JFIF, JPEG, TIF and TIFF.

Convert Document to PDF

This feature will convert Documents into PDF format. This will help teachers and students to view the document using the PDF viewer of UVLe without downloading the file. Supported files are TXT, CSV, DOC, DOCX, ODT, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, JPG, JPEG, and PNG, among many others.


ILC Diliman integrates text-to-speech features using a free non-commercial Responsive Voice API in UVLe. You can enable text-to-speech feature at UVLe Profile. It supports:

  • male/female voice
  • speech on hover/highlighted texts

Dark Theme

UVLe supports Dark Theme to minimize blue light exposures and reduces eye strains in low light conditions. You can enable Dark Theme at UVLe Profile.

Print Quiz Activities

To enhance the flexibility of quiz activities, teachers can now export quizzes in PDF for printing thus, allowing students to answer quizzes offline using pen-and-paper. Afterwards, teachers can input grades directly in the gradebook for the quiz activity to be recorded in UVLe.

Teachers may use UVLe to build quizzes online and use them offline in class. Because of the complexity of question types in UVLe, the following question types are only supported:

Multiple Choice

Allows the selection of a single or multiple responses from a pre-defined list.


A simple form of multiple choice question with just the two choices 'True' and 'False'.

Short Answer

Allows a response of one or a few words that is graded by comparing against various model answers, which may contain wildcards.


Allows a numerical response, possibly with units, that is graded by comparing against various model answers, possibly with tolerances.


Allows a response of a file upload and/or online text. This must then be graded manually.

See Print your Quizzes via UVLê!