UP Zoological Society

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The UP Zoological Society was founded in 1952 by 30 Zoology majors. After two years, the organization was duly recognized by the university. Consequently, an induction of officers was held with Dr. Benjamin Marte as the first president.

The society had most of its activities focused on the department, which were lantern parades, carolling, parties and field trips. In 1956-1957, the UP Zoological Society hosted a benefit dance, “Hawaiian Night”, which was held at the Diliman Gymnasium. The proceeds, which amounted to 800php, were used to acquire the Society’s first books.

In 1959, some members who were the motivating forces of the Society began to leave. Soon, the Society was sapped of its dedicated people. UPZS remained dormant for a while but in 1964, 28 members conducted a reorganization meeting in the hope of putting the UP Zoological Society back on track. Though unrecognized officially, the Society functioned normally with Jack Punlao and Vicky Lacdao as president and vice-president, respectively. A more active Society was in the offing.

With the Society’s recognition wrapped up, the members busied themselves with the cleaning and the repair of the tambayan (PH4101) and had the past activities of the Society renewed. The 15-unit application requirement was lowered to 10 and even non-Zoology majors were accepted to the Society. Thus, the UP Zoological Society was slowly diversifying itself from the department level to the university level.

During the early 1970’s, the Society faced external pressure in academic activism and became involved with different activist movements. These movements abated when Martial Law was declared and the recognition of all student organizations within the University of the Philippines was suspended.

It was in 1973 when the UP Zoological Society was given recognition under the New Society. Its former activities were modified and not actually eradicated. The Society’s library grew through annual cultural presentations and movie premieres. The UPZS scholarship fund was set for deserving Zoology majors.

From the stairway of the 4th pavilion, the Society was then moved to the Owl’s Nest. This “new home” emerged from the noise control problem in the old tambayan.

The Department of Zoology was incorporated into the Institute of Biology in 1986. This brought about significant changes to the Society. The old constitution was amended. The Society became open to all students enrolled at the Institute of Biology or those who have taken at least 5 units from the institute before or within the years of application. After some time, the UP Zoological Society opened up to all graduate and undergraduate students within the university.

In 2007, the Institute of Biology made use of the initiative of the government to build a science complex in the university by erecting its own building and remodelling all of its old properties. The alumni and the members of the Society officially bid farewell to the Owl’s Nest with the momentous event, “Hello, Goodbye”, which happened last December 2009. The UP Zoological Society then moved to PH4230 in the summer of April 2011.

Up to the present, the Society carries on its traditional activities with the addition of medical missions, exhibits, tree planting and much more. The UP Zoological Society also participates in the different sports events offered by the college and the university. UPZS gained the bragging rights as the Hexameet over-all champion for the years—93-99, 02-04 and 08-09.

In August 2012, the Society is gearing up for its diamond anniversary and grand alumni homecoming. Throughout the years, the UP Zoological Society’s legacy continues to live on as long as we, the members of the Society carry on the achievement of its goals as an academic, environmental and socio-civic organization.


Marielle Kristine T. Doong President

Phyllis Anne P. Paclibare Vice President

Rachel Jean S. Cabangon Secretary

Ma. Patricia B. Tumbali Treasurer

Allan Jay E. Monteclaro Members' Representative

Frank Anthony G. Manuel Publicity Committee Chairperson

Ian Kim B. Tabios Academics and Library Affairs Committee Chairperson

Kevin Romeo S. Lucas Sports Committee Chairperson

Rubee Ellaine C. Perez General Services Committee Chairperson

Janssen George L. Amba Alumni Affairs Committee Chairperson


UP Zoological Society Week

Held every August, the UP Zoological Society celebrates its anniversary through various university-activities. It is also the organization's avenue to inform the UP students about the current issues in the biological and environmental science.

UPZS Lecture/Seminar Series


Open Tambayan

Film Showing

WiZSest Owls


Friday Club

UP Two-Week Special

The Two-Week Special showcases the latest researches and studies in the UP Institute of Biology. Also, the organization searches the country for the best young scientists and artists through its high school-based activities.

WiZSest Owls - High School Edition

Poster Making Contest

Photography Contest

Special Projects Convention

Other Activities

Medical Missions

Blood Drives

Tree Planting

International Coastal Clean-up

Field Trips/Sem-enders


Book Drives and Book Sale


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