UP Samahang Linggwistika

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AY 2010-2011

President: Mira Shaira Romero

Vice President for Internal Affairs: Krystel Ballo

Vice President for External Affairs: Jevalene delos Reyes

Academic Committee Head: Jezelle Lapid

Finance Committee Head: Michael Manahan

Membership Committee Head: Casey Giron

Publicity and Publication Committee Head: Jessame Basilan



UP SALIN actively engages not only in academic activities but socio-activities, too. ANNIVERSARY WEEK
Every organization has its day. In our case, we have a whole week of indulging in fun-filled and mind-boggling activities celebrating the organization we have come to love. DILANG LINGGWIST
This project aims to promote linguistics as a discipline and create language awareness among high school students. One of the highlights of this event is the discussion of the Mother-Tongue-Based Multilingual Education (MLE).
PagaLINGan is conducted every semester. It is a quiz show to challenge the minds of individuals curious of the bizarre twists and turns of language and trivias which will stretch sanity to its limits.
In line with the organization’s vision, UP SALIN has organized a School Visit Program which will entail the organization to come to different high schools and introduce Linguistics to the students coupled with introductory lessons on different foreign or local Languages.
The event also aims to educate other people about the different Philippine languages and realize how important these languages are in defining our Filipino identity. The students will then be conscious and aware of the value and significance of each language and consider them to be also part of the mainstream.
Through the contest, the students are expected to gain basic historical and practical foundations of the Philippine languages. All of which are necessary in creating a sense of cultural identity. They may be hopefully empowered to fill in gaps or address an inadequacy of cultural pride and memory, thus building critical understanding, awareness, and appreciation of the Philippine languages in music.
A series of presentations to introduce majors to the papers which both higher year students and professors are currently working on. This is to introduce constructive criticism on the papers on how to improve it and to correct errors according to peers and other professors and to serve as something to spark more ideas for supplementing on the current research or for creating a different new research altogether.
UP SALIN engages in socio-activities such as outreach programs and bloodletting drives. UP SALIN regularly hosts bloodletting drives with charitable institutions such as Philippine Red Cross and goes to institutions such as Golden Acres for outreach programs.


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