UP Red Cross Youth

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The University of the Philippines Red Cross Youth (UP RCY) is a university-wide, student-led, socio-civic organization based in UP - Diliman, Quezon City.

The organization's members come from all walks of life, and are students from the undergraduate and graduate levels of the different colleges of the university. The differences that arise from such a varied membership are reconciled under the organization's principles of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. This diversity and multiplicity has served to power the organization's capacity to take on various projects and advocacies.


The organization was established in September 2 1992 by Butch Ong, Nols del Rosario, and Noel Quiba with close ties to the UP ROTC. For several years, membership to the organization was invitational. However, due to the need to promulgate the first aid and basic life support know-how, the UPRCY was opened for application. Since then, the organization has trained ordinary students to make a difference.


• To work towards values formation and character building.

• To promote service and solidarity.

• To uphold the protection of life and the promotion of health.

• To promote national and international friendship.

• To disseminate the Red Cross ideals and the International Humanitarian Law.


The organization promotes youth volunteerism and civic mindedness through three core services: blood programs, medical mission projects, and community development projects.

Blood Programs

The blood programs of UP RCY address the advocacy for greater public awareness of the lack of blood supply in blood banks in the Philippines, and the importance of free and safe blood donation as a means of addressing this problem. This involves organizing blood seminars, blood lettings, and blood awareness drives. The organization is also spearheading a blood network between university-based organizations as well as organizations and individuals that extend outside the university.

Medical Missions

The medical mission projects of UP RCY meanwhile address the advocacy of immediate medical relief to depressed communities. Medical missions are held at least twice a year by the organization.

Community Development Projects

The community development projects of UP RCY on the other hand address the advocacy for long-term and sustainable development in communities. This involves data gathering, community profiling, community adoption, organizing, and holding seminars.

The organization also holds relief operations for communities stricken by natural disasters.

Development Activities

Aside from service, the organization is also concerned with membership excellence, requiring its members to undergo trainings in First Aid and Basic Life Support. The organization also provides its members other development activities to ensure their holistic development such as finger painting, ice skating, jogging sessions, and other stress-relieving activities.