UP Psychological Understanding for Growth and Distinction

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UP PUGAD Sayk stands for UP Psychological Understanding for Growth and Distinction Society. It is one of the four Psych orgs, the others being UP Psychology Society, UP Buklod-Isip, and UP Psychological Association. PUGAD is both the youngest and largest Psych org, having been established only in 1999 and having more than 100 members. PUGAD does not only accept Psychology majors as members, but also those from other colleges all over UPD.



PUGAD is headed by its elected ExeComm members.

Executive Committee for AY 2011-2012

President: Anna Victoria San Pedro

Vice President: Ma. Katrina Angela Colet

Academics Committee Head: Karina Lisa Gonzales

Externals Committee Head: Jolina Bernadine San Diego

Finance Committee Head: Michelle de la Cruz

Internals Committee Head: Abigael Timbol

Secretariat Committee Head: Precious Grace Estimo




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