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Email: uppoliticalsociety@gmail.com
Email: uppoliticalsociety@gmail.com
Tambayan: West Wing, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman, QC
Tambayan: West Wing, [[Palma Hall]], [[University of the Philippines-Diliman]], Diliman, QC
==See Also==
==See Also==

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UP Political Society

The University of the Philippines Political Society (UP POLSCi) is the youngest academic organization based at the Department of Political Science, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines - Diliman, and was founded on the pillars of Leadership, Service, Excellence, and Politics. The organization aims to promote Academic Excellence, Progressive Leadership, Diversity in Activism, Critical Thinking, Political Awareness, and Political Involvement as its principles. UP POLSCi also furthers the advancement of the study and application of Political Science as a tool in understanding society as a whole.


Confronted by both the evolving paradigms in their academic fields of study, the changing realities of campus politics, the lethargic and impotent conditions imposed by the existing status quo, a group of Political Science majors sought to answer the primary problems commonly perceived as both urgent and important: “Is it possible to synergize theory and practice, to study both the theories and realities of political life?” Nothing could have stopped the birth of an idea whose time has come.

Indeed, the University of the Philippines Political Society (UP POLSCi), formally recognized in July 2004, is an idea whose conception could not be contained. Individuals bound together into one body with a common purpose, aimed towards the synergy of theory and praxis, and driven by the burning passion for excellence and relevance. The individual grows within a context of social and political interplay, where even the personal is political and the political is personal.

The Political Society aims to facilitate this progress through a holistic approach to spiritual, mental, intellectual, and physical development of its members, as political beings in an intricate web of associations both within and without the University. It is a means to a noble end, that is, the building up of people who will make a difference. It is a seemingly Herculean task, a feat on a grand scale, and an impossible dream.

Nevertheless, we do strive for we are the Political Society. We are UP POLSCi. Standing proud in its commitment to the realization of its ideals, the doctrine of its collective existence: Progressive Leadership, Diversity in Activism, Academic Excellence, Critical Thinking, Political Awareness, and Political Involvement.


The Executive Committee 2009 - 2010

Ma. Reinna Bermudez - President

Franchesca Tabulog - Internals Committee Head

Daisy Margaret Ducepec - Externals Committee Head

Ron Ranier Reyes - Documentation Committee Head

Ruth Lusterio-Rico, Ph.D

Faculty Adviser

Notable Alumni

Ryan Balisacan, Philippine Collegian, Issues Editor, 2005-2006 Sinag Editor-in-Chief, 2003-2004

Joseph Lumanog, Sinag Editor-in-Chief, 2005-2006

Arianne Reyes, CSSP Student Council Chairperson, 2005-2006

Pauline Caspellan, CSSP Student Council Secretary General, 2005-2006

Positions and Affiliations

Externals Committee Director Organization, Association of Political Science Organizations of the Philippines, AY 2009-2010

Co-Head (with UP SAPUL), Finance Committee, College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Academic Circle, AY 2009-2010

Contact Information

Email: uppoliticalsociety@gmail.com

Tambayan: West Wing, Palma Hall, University of the Philippines-Diliman, Diliman, QC

See Also

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