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The UP Physics Association (UPPA) is the official physics organization in UP Diliman. It is based at the National Institute of Physics (NIP), College of Science (CS), University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

The Official Physics Organization in UP DILIMAN
Official logo of UPPA

Established December 17, 1980
Type Scientific and Academic Student Organization
President Esmerando Escoto
Vice President for Internal Affairs Roseanne Novesteras
Vice President for External Affairs Mario Onglao
Secretary Hannah Shamina Cosinero
Treasurer Apolinario Miguel tan
Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson Sean Fortuna
Membership Committee Chairperson Camille Cantor
Public Relations Officer Dylan Salcedo
Projects Committee Chairpeson Nestor Fernandez
Location National Institute of Physics, College of Science, UP Diliman
Senior Faculty Adviser Arnel A. Salvador, Ph.D
Junior Faculty Adviser Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario, MS
Website UP Physics Association

Organization Profile

The UP Physics Association (UPPA), founded in 1980, is the official academic organization in the University of the Philippines Diliman primarily dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Physics in and out of the University. Recognizing itself as an agent of the University in the pursuit of higher standards of academic performance and service to the Filipino science community, the UPPA has been a venue for Physics enthusiasts to come together for the fulfilment of sacred thrust of leadership, rendition of service to the people and integration of Physics students into the university culture.

For more than 30 years, the UPPA has been actively holding various activities mainly intended for the manifestation of its goals. Since 2004, when the first PISIKAalaman, an annual Physics Quiz Bee for high school students in the National Capital Region, was held, the UPPA has been earnestly striving for the development and expansion of the event, for the association believes that through this, it is able to provide a channel for the students to excel and appreciate the beauty of Physics outside their classroom. And with utmost pride, the UPPA imparts the success of Philippine Young Physicists’ Tournament, a nationally accredited version of the International Young Physicists’ Tournament also known as the Physics World Cup. These are just few of the many undertakings the organization holds in the firm belief that an understanding of the nature of the physical universe shall benefit all humanity.

This is the UP Physics Association, bringing fun to Physics life!

General Objectives

The UPPA is guided by the following objectives:

  • To promote the common interest and individual development of physics majors and other students in this field
  • To advance the study and awareness of physics in all its aspects among students and the general public
  • To cooperate with the UP Physics faculty for the improvement of the National Institute of Physics

Internal Structure

The UPPA is led by the Executive Committee, which is composed of the three officers and the six committee heads. The officers are the President, the Vice President for External Affairs, and the Vice President for Internal Affairs. The committee heads lead the six committees, namely the Secretariat, the Finance Committee, the Academic Affairs Committee, the Membership Committee, the Projects Committee, and the Public Affairs Committee.

The elections are done annually, and all members are allowed to vote. The UPPA also has a junior faculty adviser and a senior faculty adviser, who helps guide the Association and align the activities of the Association with the National Institute of Physics. The faculty advisers are selected by the Executive Committee from the teaching faculty of the institute.


The UPPA is open for membership only for undergraduate students of the University of the Philippines Diliman. The applicants undergo a semester-long application process, in order to learn about the workings of the Association and to get acquainted with all the resident members.

As an academic and scientific organization, the application process includes a seminar, wherein the applicants would present research papers, and a comprehensive examination and interview, aside from other activities.


All the activities of the Association are aligned with its objectives. Several internal activities are done throughout the academic year based on the interests of the members, such as the Committee Cup, Sem Starter and Sem Ender Parties, Tribute for Graduating Members, Christmas Party, and Research Meetings. There are regular internal events such as the monthly General Assembly meeting and the Annual Meeting which takes place at the end of the second semester.

There are two main external activities of the Association, the PISIKAalaman and the Physics Month. The PISIKAalaman is an annual physics competition for high school students, which has already reached its tenth year [1]. It has been endorsed by the Department of Education (Philippines) since 2006.

The Official Logo of the PISIKAalaman 20X3.
A picture of PISIKAalaman event

The Physics Month is an annual celebration of physics in the National Institute of Physics, which is usually done in the month of February. It includes several events, which may vary from year to year, such as:

  • PISIKAwise-an: A general knowledge quiz bee
  • NIP Open House and Lab Tour
  • PISIKAlakasan: A race involving obstacles
  • UPPAg-Ibig[2]: A mock-wedding
  • PISIKAtakawan: An eating contest
  • Mutya ng NIP: A cross-dressing beauty pageant
    A poster from the UPPAg-Ibig 2013.

Other external events aside from the PISIKAalaman and the Physics Month include the Philippine Young Physicists Tournament [3], the SCIENCYE,the Decasecond Film Festival, and the Integration Bee [4].

The UPPA also holds free tutorials for Physics 7x series. Partnerships with other organizations and companies are also done all year round. Several infographics about physics and the society, such as about the national elections, typhoons, and other current events, are regularly posted at its online portals [5] [6]. Aside from bringing scientific information to the public, the UPPA also holds events for the community such as outreach events and educational projects.


The UPPA is officially recognized by the Office of Student Activities, a sub-unit of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs of the University of the Philippines Diliman[7], as a university-wide organization. The UPPA is also recognized by the Office of the Associate Dean for Student and Public Affairs as a college-based organization in the University of the Philippines College of Science[8].

The UPPA is a founding member of the Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral para sa Pagpapaunlad ng Pisika (SMPP), an alliance of different physics organizations from different universities in Metro Manila. It is also a founding member of the UP Alliance of Physics Organizations, which is composed of the different physics-oriented student organizations from the different campuses of the University of the Philippines. The UPPA's application in the International Association of Physics Students has already been approved, and is now awaiting the transfer of the membership payment fee to become official.


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