UP Physics Association

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The UP Physics Association is the official physics organization in UP Diliman. It is based at the National Institute of Physics (NIP), College of Science (CS), University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City.

The Official Physics Organization in UP DILIMAN
Official logo of UPPA

Established December 17, 1980
Type Academic Student Organization
President Anthony R. Tuico
Vice President for Internal Affairs Charmaine Rose B. Delos Reyes
Vice President for External Affairs Esmerando R. Escoto
Secretary Ritz Ann P. Aguilar
Treasurer Ma. Cristina M. Jamerlan
Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson Damian N. Dailisan
Membership Committee Chairperson Floyd Willis I. Patricio
Public Relations Officer Mario Juvenal S. Onglao III
Projects Committee Chairpeson Niel Gabriel E. Saplagio
Location National Institute of Physics, College of Science, UP Diliman
Senior Faculty Adviser Arnel A. Salvador, Ph.D
Junior Faculty Adviser Christian M. Alis, MS
Website [1]


The UP Physics Association (UPPA), founded in 1980, is the official academic organization in the University of the Philippines Diliman primarily dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Physics in and out of the University. Recognizing itself as an agent of the University in the pursuit of higher standards of academic performance and service to the Filipino science community, the UPPA has been a venue for Physics enthusiasts to come together for the fulfilment of sacred thrust of leadership, rendition of service to the people and integration of Physics students into the university culture.

For more than 30 years, the UPPA has been actively holding various activities mainly intended for the manifestation of its goals. Since 2004, when the first PISIKAalaman, an annual Physics Quiz Bee for high school students in the National Capital Region, was held, the UPPA has been earnestly striving for the development and expansion of the event, for the association believes that through this, it is able to provide a channel for the students to excel and appreciate the beauty of Physics outside their classroom. And with utmost pride, the UPPA imparts the success of Philippine Young Physicists’ Tournament, a nationally accredited version of the International Young Physicists’ Tournament also known as the Physics World Cup. These are just few of the many undertakings the organization holds in the firm belief that an understanding of the nature of the physical universe shall benefit all humanity.

This is the UP Physics Association, bringing fun to Physics life!


"We, the physics students of the University of the Philippines, uniting to establish an association that shall promote the common interest and individual development of physics majors and other students interested in this field, advance the study and awareness of physics in all its aspects among students and the general public, and cooperate with the UP Physics faculty for the improvement of the National Institute of Physics, do hereby ordain and promulgate this constitution."

The preamble of the UP Physics Association emphasizes the three main goals of the student organization. All activities have these objectives as their main goal.





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