UP Philosophical Society

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Individuals bound together into one body with a common purpose, aimed towards the synergy of theory and praxis, and driven by the burning passion for excellence and relevance.

A student organization of committed, dynamic, and responsible individuals empowered spiritually, mentally, intellectually, and physically for the pursuit of excellence in the field of Political Science, and the quest for relevance in the service of humanity for the common good.

Standing proud in its commitment to the realization of its ideals, the Pillars of its collective existence: Progressive Leadership, Diversity in Activism, Academic Excellence, Critical Thinking, Political Awareness, and Political Involvement.

The Executive Committee 2009 - 2010

Ma. Reinna Bermudez - President Franchesca Tabulog - Internals Committee Head Daisy Margaret Ducepec - Externals Committee Head Ron Ranier Reyes - Documentation Committee Head

Dr. Ruth Lusterio-Rico Faculty Adviser

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