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U.P. People-Oriented Leadership in the Interest of Community Awareness (UP POLITICA) is an academic organization exclusively for Political Science majors.

UP POLITICA is based at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, University of the Philippines Diliman, and is a founding member of the Association of Political Science Organizations of the Philippines (APSOP).

Organization Profile

UP POLITICA is a non-sectarian, non-partisan (except when a unanimous vote from the general membership agrees to support an endeavor requiring the organization to have a stand), non-profit, and non-ideological Political Science organization based at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy, U.P. Diliman.

Its main purpose is to advocate the genuine study of political science as an independent discipline as distinguished from the customary conception that it is a pre-law program. To serve this goal, the organization possesses a training arm, which works assiduously to establish contacts with academic and non-academic institutions, and NGOs, GOs and POs that are willing to become training grounds for the members.

UP POLITICA adheres to the principles of democracy and social justice. The organization provides the proper avenue for the objective exploration of issues, information dissemination, and the utilization of political science concepts for critical thinking. One of the organization’s principal ends is to promote social and political awareness not just within the confines of the University but outside the academic community as well. In line with this, UP POLITICA hosts a number of projects that aim to encourage awareness among the many sectors of society, for the organization believes that awareness can somehow push a person to go beyond ideas and take a step towards making a difference.


UP POLITICA is one of the youngest among all the Political Science organizations in the University. It was founded on 03 December 1993 by 20 young and quixotic Political Science majors, originally, to provide an alternative organization that would pursue Political Science as an independent discipline. Though relatively young, the organization was able to pursue its goals and objectives.

The first few months of UP POLITICA were characterized by zest and vigor. However, in 1994, most of the founding members graduated, causing the lack of stable and broad membership. Since the organization was still green and puerile, it was not able to achieve a complete takeoff.

In 1996, despite the aberration, UP POLITICA initiated a new recruitment process that brought about fresh and enthusiastic applicants who dared to join the organization and summon it from its long dormancy.

The year 1997 was the turning point for the improved organization, now with even more vigor and spirit than before. Since then, the Phoenix symbolized UP POLITICA, for from the ashes came a new lease of life.


(Academic Year 2009-2010)

Speaker / Finance Committee Head: Jose Aniceto David S. Dealino

Assistant Speaker / Programs Director for Training: Amirah L. Peñalber

Academic Committee Head: Marie Denise R. Francisco

External Committee Head: Adrian Audrey L. Baccay

Internal Committee Head: Christian V. Urbina


Phoenix Editor-in-Chief: Ymil Rjiv d.T. Matba

Secretary: Joanna Marie L. Tomas

Assistant Secretary: Paolo Celso S. Rellama


Rolando S. Fernando II, M.A.

Ma. Anna Rowena G. Layador, M.A./M.I.S.

Department of Political Science, UP Diliman

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