UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society

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The official logo of UP MBBS

Established 1989
Type Academic Organization

President Coleen M. Pangilinan
Vice President Monica Kryzelle B. Fortes
Secretary Anne Dominique K. Asis
Treasurer Angela Marie D. Jimenez
Auditor Justine Nicole G. Sanchez
Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson Dominic S. Albao
Externals Committee Chairperson Rae Anne P. Añonuevo
Official Headquarters NIMBB, NSC, UP Diliman
Faculty Adviser Neil Andrew D. Bascos, PhD
Official Website [1]


The UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society, or UP MBBS, is the sole student organization based in the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (NIMBB) in the College of Science. It takes pride in spreading the knowledge and promoting research in the field of MBB, as well as providing a venue for scientific cooperation for the students. However, there’s more to UP MBBS than its long and intimidating name. Aside from fulfilling its duties as an academic organization, UP MBBS also holds activities that ensure the well-rounded development of the members. Either in academics, sports, entertainment and other extra-curricular activities, UP MBBS is sure to excel.


The UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society dates back to 1989, when it was founded as the UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Undergraduate Society (UP MBBUS). However, it was only in 1995 that the organization was recognized as an established organization by the College of Science. On that same year, the organization was nominated by the CS administration as one of the Most Outstanding College Organizations. Upholding the legacy, the UP MBBS of the present is one of most accomplished CS organizations – participating actively in all college-wide activities and competitions, and consistently snagging various awards year after year.


Just like Cellular Biology has its replication, transcription, and translation, UP MBBS stays true to its own central dogma: PROMOTE, ENHANCE, EXPRESS.

UP MBBS, is foremost, an academic organization. Therefore, it aims to PROMOTE awareness of MBB to the general public, not only as a course, but also as a specific discipline, relating it to careers in scientific research and their importance to national progress. UP MBBS holds several events and activities to fulfill this objective. One of these activities is the MBB Week – a weeklong event where the organization holds poster exhibits and journal seminars in order to promote MBB to the rest of the UP community. UP MBBS does not stop at that, we also promote MBB outside the university by conducting lecture seminars in several high schools in Metro Manila, in the hope of encouraging students to take MBB in college. UP MBBS also reveals its fun and sunny side during the MBB Week through the trivia quiz show TsaMBBahan, where participants from different institutes and colleges answer the most random and silly questions about anything under the sun. Another of UP MBBS' signature events is the BioSciences Quiz Bee, an inter-high school quiz bee that covers topics in the biological sciences. In 2007, the organization, together with the Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines, Philippine Society for Microbiology, Inc. and NIMBB, hosted the National Biotech Quiz, a televised quiz show that featured high school students from all over the country.

UP MBBS is not just an organization to belong to. Rather, it aims to be a family and everything MBBS does is geared towards this premise. Consequently, UP MBBS holds several events and intra-org activities, seeking to ENHANCE the individual by honing and showcasing talents in the social, physical, intellectual, and cultural aspects, as well as building personal relationships between and among the members of the organization. During the MBB Week, UP MBBS holds career talks and several symposia to provide MBB students with more information on the career paths in and out of the field of MBB which they may take in the future. Also, different workshops for job interviews, resume writing, marketing and public relations will be held especially for the MBB students to enhance and further develop these skills. This year’s culminating event of the MBB week, the MBB Night (Talents Night), will showcase the talents of the UP MBBS members as well as gives the students a break off their busy and stressful academic life. It is just a night of partying and having fun! Moreover, as a College of Science based organization, UP MBBS actively takes part and, of course, excels in different activities sponsored by the College of Science Student Council (CSSC). To add to that, the organization takes pride in its key participation in the KaSCIyahan, an annual sports competition between the different institutes in CS, being part of the team who placed as the Overall Champion many times already and who are the undisputed champions of the Cheerdance Competition for three consecutive years and for placing second last year. It also participates in the CS Carolfest, a chorale competition held every Christmas season, where it has consistently placed in the top 3 and even bagging first place in 2008 and 2010. It also showed its support to the NIMBB representatives for CS Idol where the winners for the past two years (CS Idol 2009 and 2010) are in fact UP MBBS members! The organization also takes part in activities hosted by other organizations like the Binibini Ba’to, a pageant for males that is hosted by the UP Geological Society (GeoSoc), where it has won at least Third Place for the past 3 years.

Finally, UP MBBS members tend not only to their individual needs and the needs of their discipline. They also tend to the needs of the society and the environment. The organization has an enormous heart that engages in service that wishes only to be EXPRESSED, not reciprocated. UP MBBS participated in I Breathe Life, an environmental campaign of the CSSC where organizations adopted and planted a tree around the CS amphitheater. UP MBBS also holds several outreach programs for children where they provide food and school supplies, entertain with special performances prepared by the members and applicants and organize different activities such as a sportsfest or a party. In 2008, an outreach program with Kythe Foundation was held for the cancer patients in the pediatric ward of V. Luna General Hospital. A year after that, a Christmas Party for the children in the nephritic ward of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center was then sponsored by the organization. A sportsfest was also organized both May 2010 in cooperation with Klub Tala while a children’s party was held for the kids in He Cares Foundation last January 2011. On May 2011, UP MBBS conducted another sportsfest for the children with Klub Tala, while just last January 2013, the organization donated children’s storybooks, was a partner org and had its own booth in Kythe Foundation’s activity in the NSC amphitheater.


The organization is composed of students from the University of the Philippines Diliman, mainly from the College of Science and the majority is MBB students. Wonder how they are like? Junk the old stereotype of MBB students as nerds and dead kids who just study all day long. Yes, they are smart, but they definitely know how to have fun. They are often called grade conscious and studious (well yeah, before exams), but they prefer being called BIBO. They are bibo in their studies, but more importantly, they are bibo in other activities of their college and social lives. That’s what makes them different (in a very good way), they got the best of both worlds!

President: Patricia Danielle DG. Yap

Vice President: Shaula Mae P. Geraldino Secretary: Angela Marie D. Jimenez Treasurer: Fides Myles C. Caliwag

Auditor: Hanna Jillian C. Ho

Chairperson: Oscar A. Acopiado Jr. Chairperson: Jethro T. Lee

Julian Mikhael A. Buban
Andrea S. Estuart
Lisa Katrina C. Liberato
Cherisse Stephanie C. Abrenica
Micaella Aliza C. Empleo
Kim Ivan A. Abesamis
Ian Philip P. Paclibare
Ericka Denise A. Capulong
Sarah Peñafrancia L. Coralde
Stessi Marie G. Geganzo

Kamila Isabelle A. Navarro
Prisbert W. Alejo
Stella Clarisse A. Polido
Sindi Karolina M. Galvez
Ewen Garret A. Ariola
Wilmer Angelo V. Pedroso
Ryan Christian V. Lintao
Ian Daniel N. Macinas
Darlene M. Roxas
Leslie Faye T. Cando
Jose Sandino A. Bandonil
Leslie Allison A. Morin

Tiffany T. Ong
Romie Angelo G. Azur
Lowelyn Anne M. Itang
Mariela Cassandra L. Mendoza
Ana Katrina E. David
Mary Dayne S. Tai
John Paul T. Rigor
Joshua Paul L. Comia
Luigi Isaiah R. De Silva
Gwynne Micah S. Ritua
Ryan Timothy D. Yu

Derick Justin R. Santos
Kenneth Anthony R. Roquid
Manuel Victor B. San Pedro
Dominic S. Albao
John Michael C. Egana
Jonathan P. Chan
Edward William K. Uy
Jan Patrick C. Tan
Daniel Paul C. Uy
Andre Rei C. Haro
Lawrence Dave J. Llorin
Christine Nicole G. Co

Jian Kenzo O. Leal
Mariel Kristina A. Laporga
Analiza A. Kiat
J-Ann Marie T. Lego
Ann Mikaela Lyne O. Co
Justine William T. Duran
Joseph David S. Ponce
Vincent Isidor Jarel M. Alihan
Collin Jeremiah R. Balayan
Lorenzo M. Zarate
Julianne Nicole C. Cham
Jezyl Antonette V. Lomitao
Jose Antonio MG. Garrido


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