UP Mathematics Majors Circle

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The University of the Philippines Mathematics Majors' Circle (UPMMC) is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, academic organization under Institute of Mathematics, College of Science, UP Diliman. It is dedicated mainly to the scientific, intellectual and educational pursuits, particularly in the field of Mathematics. In line with these, the organization sponsors a scholar each year, and organizes Mathirang Mathibay, an annual Inter High School Mathematics Competition.


Since its establishment in 1974, it has been an ultimate fulfillment of the University of the Philippines Mathematics Majors' Circle to live by its goal of promoting excellence in Mathematics. UPMMC has maintained its distinction in scholastic field through its numerous activities, most notable of which is the prestigious Mathirang Mathibay, an annual mathematics competition among high school students. But it is in creating an environment conducive for lasting friendships and individuality that UPMMC prides itself into. This only proves that, we are not just an org, we're a family.


There are six standing committees, namely:

Academic Committee

The Academic Committee organizes academic activities. The committee is also in charge of screening all qualified candidates for the organization's scholarship program and selecting its final recipient.

Special Affairs Committee

The Special Affairs Committee is in charge of all non-academic and non-fund raising activities of the organization. One of these activities is Mathinik, an inter committee sports competition.

Secretariat Committee

The Secretariat Committee is in charge of keeping papers of the organization, compiling minutes of all General Membership meetings and maintaining the cleanliness of the tambayan.

Financial Committee

The Financial Committee is in charge of all fundraising activities of the organization.

Publicity Committee

The Publicity Committee is in charge of the publications of the organization.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is in charge of all matters regarding membership.


The officers for Academic Year 2012-2013:

President: Patricia Isabel S. Tamase

Internal Vice President: Alvin S. Uy Lim

External Vice President: Abigail F. Gragasin

Secretary: Bernadette C. Ramirez

Treasurer: Maria Ines Asuncion M. Gallardo

Publicity Officer: Gilda Mikee D. Florendo

Membership Officer: Angelo Miguel L. Umengan



  • AgiMath
  • Alternative Block Class
  • Freshies and Shiftees Orientation Program
  • Inter-block Sports Fest
  • Mathirang Mathibay
  • Mix and Maths


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