UP Materials Science Society

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The UP Materials Science Society (UP MSS) is a duly recognized academic student organization based at the College of Engineering of the University of the Philippines – Diliman Campus. Its primary aim is to disseminate information about materials science and technology and its related fields to the academic community and to the rest of society.

UP MSS is an interdisciplinary organization where its members can share and exchange ideals about their chosen field of expertise. It is not only committed to the advancement of materials science and technology, but also to the promotion of unity, professionalism and camaraderie among students and professionals in the field of materials technology. It also aims to provide a conducive environment where members can learn and ascertain their role in the university and the community, while developing each member’s interest and potential as future materials technologists.

Organization History

UP MSS was established on February 21, 1999 with the generous efforts of its founding members, namely Pio Buenconsejo, Rowen Benig, Ariel Navaja, etc. Since its foundation, the organization has been actively participating in both intra- and inter-science and engineering events.

The original location of the organization’s tambayan used to be where the Cagayan Valley Student Forum tambayan presently is, along the Main Library (Gonzales Hall) compound. After several years, it had been relocated to the tambayan complex located between the Yakal and Ipil Residence Dormitories.

Today, after opening another decade of existence with the new tambayan which is located beside the 4th floor, leftmost staircase of the Melchor Hall, the UP MSS strives harder for the holistic betterment of its members. In its 14th year, the academic involvement of the organization is better represented by its efforts in bringing big annual events like The MatCh (Materials Challenge) for high school Students, Materials Science and Engineering Appreciation Seminars, Thesis Marathon, to name a few. Socio-civic works are also included by conducting the Gawad Kalinga Build and joining itself in the annual USC’s Community Fair.

Reva Gonzaga, preceded by Jandell Maro Patron, Phoebe Beatrix Arnaiz, Raniel Anne Marie Terania, Franco Danilo Luistro, Karina Obispo, Neil Israel Lazo, Floyd Abian, Jim Ashley Andrada, Shella Briguera, Emerson Galasyo, Ariel Navaja, Miller Perez and Pio Buenconsejo, holds the current leadership in the organization.

List of Officers

UP Materials Science Society Board of Officers (AY'13-'14)

Executive Director:Reva Gonzaga

Associate Director: Jenich Clairvaux Felizco

Secretary: Jacylene Jacob

Auditor: Jacqueline Joyce Oh

Education, Research and Technical Committee Chairperson: Nikko Borromeo

External Affairs Committee Chairperson: Angela Marie Leron

Internal Affairs Committee Chairperson: Grecco Ante

Finance Committee Chairperson: Karissa Anne Aldaba

UP Materials Science Society Board of Officers (AY'12-'13)

Executive Director:Jandell Maro Patron

Associate Director: Arriane Basali

Secretary: Cindy Gongona

Auditor: Abby Rosales

Education, Research and Technical Committee Chairperson: Christine Quezada

External Affairs Committee Chairperson: Jacylene Jacob

Internal Affairs Committee Chairperson: Leo Lobigan

Finance Committee Chairperson: Reva Gonzaga

UP Materials Science Society Board of Officers (AY'11-'12)

Executive Director: Phoebe Beatrix Arnaiz

Associate Director: Julianus Eymard Quejano

Secretary: Riska Roxanne Lopez

Auditor: Ireen Mae Arevalo

Education, Research and Technical Committee Chairperson: Stelle Baccay

External Affairs Committee Chairperson: Jandell Maro Patron

Internal Affairs Committee Chairperson: Arriane Gayle Basali

Finance Committee Chairperson: Churchill Germaine Villamora

UP Materials Science Society Board of Officers (AY'10-'11)

Executive Director: Raniel Anne Marie Terania

Associate Director: Ma. Lourdes Licup

Secretary: Noemi Macasaquit

Auditor: Pearl Bulalaque

Internal Affairs Committee Head: Mara Carenina Melodias

Finance Committee Head: Rae Raphael Abenido

Education, Research and Technicals Committee Head: Rodienne Meeko Malixi

External Affairs Committee Head: Arianne May Jabonero

The Board of Directors, or Directorate, is the highest policy making body of the organization, next to the General Assembly.

See Also

You may refer to the UP MSS Website and our Facebook page for more information about the activities and announcements.

For additional organization information and readings, see the former Newsletter.