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University of the Philippines Linux Users' Group


The University of the Philippines Linux Users’ Group (UnPLUG) is a duly recognized student organization dedicated in promoting the use of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and in advocating FOSS philosophy through seminars, trainings, and software development.

The idea of openly sharing software source codes, knowledge, and ideas to the people that need them is an antithesis, and a natural opponent, to the current trend of big software companies to horde and hide the code, therefore monopolizing the software market, and making the public believe that software solutions could only come from one source, and could only come at a high price. This reflects that aside from the technical aspects of computers, computer-related technologies and software development, UnPLUG also concerns itself with the political, economic, and social issues, such as digital imperialism and monopoly, the FOSS movement, and the benefits that computers and automation would bring to the people.

Despite its geek nature, UnPLUG welcomes students who have the passion and dedication to provide service to the University and to the Filipino people.[1]


It was a relaxing Sunday morning on July 20, 2003 when nine students met with the former UP President, Francisco Nemenzo Jr., at the Executive House for a seminar. Discussion revolved around Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and on how to bridge the digital divide. One of the solutions formulated was to form a student group advocating FOSS to penetrate the student and youth sector. Thus, the University of the Philippines Linux Users’ Group (UnPLUG) was born.

The nine students, namely Diwa del Mundo, Paolo Jerome Aromin, Eric John Arnaldo, Dean Michael Ancajas, Waldemar Bautista, Pio Ryan Lumongsod, Ardee Aram, Kyle Alaine Domingo, and Karl Redrick Santos, wasted no time in recruiting more members and in fulfilling the requirements for the recognition of the organization by the university. Despite the trouble of losing important documents on the day of the deadline, UnPLUG still somehow managed to be recognized.

After its recognition, UnPLUG began its journey to promote the use of FOSS and to advocate its philosophy through seminars, trainings, and software development, for the service of the University and the Filipino people.[2]




  • Halalan, an open-source voting system designed for student elections.



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Website: http://www.uplug.org