UP Lingua Franca

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After the Language Society had gone inactive, a group of 25 enthusiasts from BA English Studies Program realized the need to form a new organization and spearhead activities that would encourage the interest and enhance the skills in language and literature of the students in the Department of English and Comparative Literature. So on June 22, 1996, the UP Lingua Franca was established.

The Constitution was drafted on the Wednesday after the day the UP Lingua Franca was established. It was implemented from the entire school year 1996-1997 to the first semester of the school year 1997-1998. During that time, membership to UP Lingua Franca was open only to language majors. However, the constitution continued to undergo revision to open the membership to all the DECL majors until finally, it was formally ratified on January 12, 1998 by the 52 members and two advisers—Professors Philip Belarmino and Topsie Ruani Tupas—of the organization.

Since then, the UP Lingua Franca has never stopped fostering the growth and development of the study of the English language and of the literature written in English in the campus through its lecture series, ACLE sessions, published journals, poetry reading and other enriching and worthwhile activities.





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