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*[http://uplissa.org/gallery/ Official Gallery]
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UP Library and Information Science Students Association
Official seal
Established 1962
Motto Fueled by Passion, Tested by time
Type Academic Organization
President Cery Jean Quiambao
Faculty Adviser Prof. Johann Frederick Cabbab
Location South Wing, 3rd Floor, Gonzalez Hall
Website http://www.uplissa.org

The UP Library and Information Science Students' Association (UPLISSA or LISSA) is an academic organization based in the School of Library and Information Studies. It was established in 1962 as the sole student organization and student council of the then Institute of Library Science. UPLISSA was re-organized in 2002 as an academic organization separate from the Student Council with the objectives of fostering camaraderie and unity among members, promoting scholastic and socio-cultural development of its members and providing opportunities for members to lead and serve the institute, university and nation. Being the sole organization of the school for four decades, it has produced some of the country's best librarians and information managers and specialists.

Mission, Vision and Purpose

“We are bearers of light, guardians of objective narratives”… this is what librarians ought to be. Information seekers come to us and gain information, thus as custodians we are morally obliged to arrange, describe and facilitate access to bits of objective “truth”. Every element in our possession influences social understanding and learning, giving us the burden of maintaining fair and unbiased knowledge.

It is therefore the thrust of the university’s oldest Library Science Organization to assert the integrity of the librarian, all parches of truth and honesty needed by the information profession.

But not only do keepers stand on the precepts of honesty. The librarian should be compelled to break from isolation and confinement in the repositories of knowledge, the ivory tower of academics, and work outward; serve the people through the spread of information, facilitating and complementing the role of educators and teachers in the community. It is our fundamental belief that social justice will be obtained through defending the right (not the privilege) of each and every individual to be informed, educated thus enlightened.


President: Cery Jean Quiambao
Executive Secretary: Harriette Josephine Gutierrez

Committee Chairpersons
Academic: Karen Santillan
Externals: Nicolo Cervantes
Finance: Hazel Mercurio
Internals: Charmine Ann Rondero
Membership: Broderick Ganipes

Faculty Adviser: Johann Frederick Cabbab
Co-advisers: Christine Timoteo, Vyva Victoria Aguirre




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