UP Institute of Chemistry

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The IC is one of six degree-granting units of the UP College of Science and is designated by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a center of excellence in chemistry.

Institute of Chemistry

The IC started as the Department of Chemistry in 1910 and was eventually reorganized as an Institute in 1987. Today it is recognized as a leading institution of learning and research in chemistry in the country.

Academic Programs

  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (149-155 units) is a four-year course that provides students with a strong background in the traditional areas of chemistry: organic, analytical, biochemistry, physical and inorganic chemistry. (Curriculum)
  • Diploma in Chemistry is a one-year course for students with a bachelor's degree with at least 20 units of college chemistry to enable them to teach College Chemistry or pursue graduate studies.
  • Master of Science in Chemistry provides a comprehensive view of major fields of interest and develops the student's ability to conduct independent research. The course requires 24 units of course work and 6-unit masteral thesis.
  • Master of Science in Chemical Education is a non-thesis program for those who wish to specialize in Chemical Education. The curriculum includes graduate chemistry courses and education courses.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Chemistry requires 24 units of graduate courses after the master's degree, candidacy examination, preliminary examinations, and a doctoral thesis.


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