UP Good Governance Initiative

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Galing Pook Lecture Series

September 14, 2012
NCPAG Assmembly Hall
University of the Philippines
Diliman, Philippines

<flvplayer>Image:NCPAG_Salceda.flv</flvplayer> Climate Change Academy

Governor Joey Sarte Salceda
Province of Albay, Philippines
(Run time: 37:03 mins)

<flvplayer>Image:NCPAG_cagara.flv</flvplayer> Project Rendaw

Engr. Paolo V. Caraga
Upi, Magindanao
(Run time: 33:47 mins)

<flvplayer>Image:NCPAG_mateo.flv</flvplayer> Eco-Savers Program

Renan Mateo
Marikina City
(Run time: 23:04 mins)

<flvplayer>Image:NCPAG_feliz.flv‎</flvplayer> Good Governance in Naga City

Wilfredo B. Feliz, Jr
City Planning & Development Coordinator
(Run time: 28:40 mins)