UP Educators Circle

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The UP Educators' Circle


An idea and a healthy attitude towards camaraderie... That was all that was needed to give birth to the UP Educators' Circle. It all started with a need to find friends, a place to belong, a home. The students who belong to this college knew one another by face but that did not "know" one another. Finally, a few people met to form the first family of UP Educators' Circle. They weren't good friends, mind you, but merely acquaintances. They were different people, yet they were of the same concern, the same spirit. They wanted to foster friendship among the students of UP College of Education. It was on that day, November 19, 1987, that the UP Educators' Circle was formed.

From the measly number of 14, the circle of friends grew eightfold in span of one semester. It had taken part in various activities in the college, both academic and social in character. It cannot be denied that the UP Educators' Circle has added spice to the slices of life on the UP College of Education.



Board of Executives

Angela Dianne M. Agustin

Chief Executive Officer


Shairah O. Cometa

Executive Vice-President


Darryl Myr A. Florano

Executive Secretary


Katrina G. Villar

Executive for Finance


Committee Vice Presidents

Kenneth Lawrence F. Nomel

Vice President for Academic Affairs


Aimee Ruthie S. Deus

Vice President for External Affairs


Caren Mariel M. Gamboa

Vice President for Internal Affairs


Richard Allan M. Viñas

Vice President for Marketing & Finance


Filane Mikee Z. Cervantes

Vice President for Publicity & Logistics



Academic Affairs Committee

Fatima O. Davila

Reynante S. Fajardo

Joshua M. Repomanta

Hebe Valerie B. Valerio

External Affairs Committee

Jasmin G. Crismo

Care C. De Guzman

Jamie Nerlissa E. Garcia

Bjorn D. Gicale

Christopher E. Omega

Internal Affairs Committee

Abegail B. Gonzales

Janelle Caryn A. Gonzales

Julius Caesar E. Maala

Jowella Marie E. Rey

Alodia Ivy A. Tenebro

Marketing and Finance Committee

Mary Anne P. De Leon

Bea Therese SD. Halal

Ariza Paula Z. Lopez

Pauline Beatriz A. Magpantay

Erika Hanne E. Yap

Publicity and Logistics Committee

Romhela Chris Aurea E. Apostol

Michael Angelo C. Bolocano

Queenie Pearl E. Domasig

Czarina Jayce S. Rivera



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