UP Diliman Budget Office

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The Budget Office plans, prepares, and assists in the authorization, execution, and accountability phases of the budget process in the University and evaluates budgetary implications of all requests for staffing, equipment, maintenance, and other operating expenses. Under the New Government Accounting System which took effect in year 2003, the Budget Office was mandated to take charge of controlling the allotment of the various colleges, units, and offices of UP Diliman.

Budget Preparation and the Budget Calendar
Funds Available to the Unit for Expenditure
Basic Budgeting and Accounting Concepts


9283530 - Tele-fax 4362944 / VOIP 3049- Antonio Beconado
4362808 - Reggie Balane
4362944 - Receiving

3017- Director
3019- Div. A -
3018- Div. B- Betty
3019 - Nordick 3020 - Alex

Source: www.upd.edu.ph/~ovca