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The UP-DOST Scholars' Association official seal

The UP DOST Scholars' Association (UP DOST SA) was established on November 17, 1979 as an organization of DOST Scholars in University of the Philippines, Diliman. It is a non-stock, non-profit socio-academic organization aiming to promote science consciousness and to secure the welfare of scholars.

Through the years, UP-DOST SA has grown steadily with its members and alumni here and abroad, amassing a significant number of achievements and awards in academics as well as in other areas, establishing UP DOST SA as an organization that lasts the test of time.


The UP DOST Scholars' Association (UP DOST SA) traces its humble beginnings to a small coalition of Scholars in the University of the Philippines, Diliman in 1975. It was formally and officially recognized on November 17, 1979. In the span of its more than two decades of existence, the UP-DOST SA had changed its official name from University of the Philippine-National Science Development Board Scholars' Association (UP-NSDB SA), to University of the Philippines-National Science And Technology Administration Scholars' Association (UP-NSTA SA) in 1983, and to the University of the Philippines-Department of Science and Technology Scholars' Association (UP-DOST SA) in 1987.


  • To safeguard the interests, promote the common welfare, and protect the rights of its members;
  • To enhance the development of every member’s potentials;
  • To every member aware of the present issues in our society for them to ascertain their role in the University and the Filipino community
  • To promote science consciousness and improvement of science education; and
  • To align with other organizations in pursuit of the above objectives


Every Year, the UP-DOST SA leads the orientation of incoming freshmen DOST scholars within Mega Manila through the Summer Orientation and Enrichment Program (SOEP). It also organizes what was once a Freshmen Inter-University Inter-Block Science Quiz (SciQuiz), which was later reformatted into an NCR-wide Inter-High school math and science competition. Other activities include Sponsor-A-Kid (SA Kid) Program,DOST Scholars Summit, Science related Educational Discussions, Science Exposure Tours, Popscicle Quiz Show, and Academic Tutorials.


Any person who wishes to be a part of UP-DOST Scholars' Association must be an undergraduate student of the University of the Philippines-Diliman, must be or must had been a DOST undergraduate scholar, must not be graduating within one year upon being a member and must pass the application process under the supervision of the Membership Committee.

Honorary membership may be granted by the organization to any person exemplifying the association's objectives and by the virtue of an outstanding service to the association.

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