UP Circle of Administrators

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The UP Circle of Administrators, also known as UP CIRCA, is a duly recognized socio-academic organization based at the National College of Public Administration and Governance.

It was founded on 24 February 1992 by six young students ------ Raul Chan, Edward Antiojo, Shiela Bautista, Alexis Cordero, Emil Estrada, and Rey Millan ----- with a vision of establishing an organization that will help students become responsible and accountable public servants.

The organization molds individuals into young student leaders who have the passion for genuine public service. Also, UP CIRCA hones students to be academically-excellent and at the same time be aware of the importance of being socially committed. It is the home of numerous magna cum laude and cum laude graduates of the college as well as student leaders who were molded by this very organization.

The Organization strives to infuse the four thrusts ------ Academic Excellence, Social Commitment, Solidarity, and Human Resource Development ------ in the different projects being conducted.





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