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UP Cineastes' Studio Logo

The University of the Philippines Cineastes' Studio, commonly known as UP Cineastes' Studio or UP Cineastes, is a non-stock, non-profit, duly-recognized, university-wide student film organization based at the UP College of Mass Communication, University of the Philippines Diliman, committed to serve the film community and promote film awareness, appreciation and understanding, and as well as to other forms of artistic expression.

UP Cineastes' Studio is active in promoting literacy in film and other arts through workshops, publications, contests, screenings, thesis exposures, and academic tie-ups. Throughout the years, it has gained recognition as the first and premiere student film organization in the country.


The organization's name is derived from the film term "cineaste", a word that comes from the 20th century French fusion of the words "cinematographe" and "enthusiaste". Today, the modern English term has become "cineaste", short for cinema enthusiast.


U.P. Cineastes' Studio (pronounced as si-ne-yasts), is the first film organization for students in the Philippines, established on September 24, 1984, preceding that of the film department of the College of Mass Communication. It started out as an organization just for film students of the University of the Philippines Diliman. But later on, it expanded to include students from other colleges as well.

As the premiere student film organization in the country, it is our primary goal to be steadfast in promoting film appreciation and literacy. For 34 years, we have consistently upheld avenues for creative expression, cultural awareness and understanding, as well as camaraderie among film enthusiasts. By organizing screenings, film orgies, contests, film festivals, production exposures, workshops, and academic tie-ups, Cineastes commits all these contributions in support of Philippine cinema – now at its centennial celebration – and the functions it serves in Philippine society.

In recent years, the organization gained notability for being an integral part in the promotion of Philippine independent cinema to a larger audience, bringing the two largest independent film festivals Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Cinema One Originals to the academic community.

UP Cineastes' Studio was home to prominent figures in Philippine media such as directors Cathy Garcia-Molina, Joyce Bernal, broadcasters and television personalities Kim Atienza and Christine Bersola-Babao, as well as Eraserheads frontman Ely Buendia.

Executive Board

President Rocky Morilla
Executive Vice President Drestel Leigh Galang
Secretary Janine De Villa
Treasurer Lyka Policarpio
Vice President for Creative Affairs James Andrey Gutierrez
Vice President for Education and Research Marc Stanley Mozo
Vice President for External Relations Ally Sanga
Vice President for Internal Affairs Jasmine Mendoza
Vice President for Marketing Hans Gabrielle Piozon


Cineastes A.Y. 2016-2017

Membership is open to all students of the University of the Philippines Diliman regardless of degree program and/or home college. Membership application is held on a two-month process held every semester, beginning on September for the First Semester, and on February for the Second Semester of the Academic Year. Applicants are then immersed to various film workshops and activities.

Members are sorted to specific committees and are expected to contribute to the different events staged by the organization throughout the year. Membership can be renewed every year until graduation. At its peak, UP Cineastes' Studio has more than a hundred active members on a single semester, making it one of the largest academic organizations in the university.


Cineastes are aspiring visionaries, seeking social transformation through films. In service of Philippine cinema, we organize activities which bring the art of filmmaking closer to enthusiasts of all social types. Such activities include semestral film literacy workshops, film contests and conferences, production exposures, academic tie-ups, and an official publication (Splice Magazine). Within the past decade, we have successfully brought films from festivals such as Cinemalaya, Cinema One Originals, QCinema, and CineFilipino, as well as a wide roster of student short films closer to the student community.


Cinemalaya Goes UP 7 Audience

It is our flagship screening project which aims to bring films from various film festivals such as Cinemalaya, Cinema One Originals, CineFilipino closer to the student and academic community. Through pairing the film screening with an open forum with the cast and crew, Cineastes Presents also serves to encourage appreciation for independent films and filmmakers.


In celebration of another year of filmmaking and advocacy – U.P. Cineastes’ Studio annually commemorates its foundation with a month-long celebration. Established in September 24, 1984, Cineastes continues its tradition of holding events which are not just enjoyed by the student and film community, but are also designed to promote knowledge and interest in films.


An anticipated University event on its own, D’ Original Jologs Quiz Show plays tribute to Philippine pop culture. Awards and prizes await the teams who will triumph in a quiz show which covers local films, music, television shows, celebrities, and other popular media. Previously open only to UP Diliman students, participation in the quiz show was opened to the general public in recent years.


Our annual film conference offers insights on current trends in Philippine Cinema from some of the very filmmakers who contribute to it. Free of charge and open to the public, this conference seeks to hold substantial discourse about the various areas of concern within Philippine cinema today.

U.P. Cineastes' Studio members with high school student-participants from Diliman Preparatory School


With our advocacy to further foster film education and camaraderie, U.P. Cineastes’ Studio regularly conducts workshops in various public and private high schools, and various communities. Through these workshops, student-participants enjoy lectures on filmmaking and hands-on activities based on a curriculum reviewed by the organization yearly. The students get to produce their own one-minute films at the end of the workshop.


As a family of filmmakers and film enthusiasts, we help each other make their dreams, films, and dream films come true. Through our collaborative work in our various student film productions, members gain hands-on-experience in filmmaking.


A well-loved tradition and the signature activity of the organization, “film orgies” gather members and film enthusiasts in a film viewing and critiquing session in an open venue to encourage critical discussion among participants. This event fosters camaraderie among students and filmmakers, bridging the gap between films and insight.


Conceptualized in 2009, Haute Auteur is a silent video competition hosted by the organization. UP Cineastes' Studio invites everyone interested in films and filmmaking. The collection of videos will have a screening in a public venue wherein audiences from all walks of life will share a unique film viewing experience. To top it all off, each of the finalist’s films will be scored live by musicians during the awards night. As such, Haute Auteur continuously challenges budding filmmakers to go beyond and see how far sheer visuals can take them. As of A.Y. 2016-2017, Haute Auteur is being reevaluated in order to better cater to the needs of the film community.

Splice Magazine

The official publication of the UP Cineastes' Studio, Splice Magazine is a film magazine that aims to splice together the reel and the real. It strives to emphasize the role of film in society through articles, reviews, and creative works of art.

Splice has previously featured filmmakers such as Sari Dalena, Jade Castro, Joyce Bernal, Ely Buendia, Sari Estrada, Carlo Manatad, and Ricky Lee in its cover articles.


U.P. Cineastes' Studio is proud to be home to a large roster of members and alumni who continue to make ripples within the film and media industry. Our members and alumni across generations have been recognized by – and/or have been a part of – the following bodies: UP Film Institute, Gawad Urian, FAMAS, Star Cinema, Cinemalaya, Cinema One Originals, QCinema, CineFilipino, Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, Berlin International Film Festival, among many others.

Organization Reels

A collection of UPFI Production Theses and outstanding works of its resident members in each year, the Org Reel gives everyone a glimpse of how the UP Cineastes' Studio has mastered their craft through continuous involvement in activities that further not only their technical competencies in student filmmaking, but in also creating, visualizing and framing the most compelling stories.

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