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The UP Child Development Center (CDC) is the laboratory School of the Department of Family Life and Child Development (FLCD) under the College of Home Economics. It admits children from 3 months old to 5 and a half years old. The Center adheres to the holistic view of the child. It specializes in understanding the child through the dynamics of family life and societal influences.

The Center is primarily utilized by FLCD students, students from other other UP units, other colleges and universities and various government and non-government institutions for observation of preschool children, practice teaching, training in preschool management, and research for their various fields of study.

Classes Offered

IDP (Infant Development Program) Entry Age: 3 months

Toddlers' Class Entry Age: 1 year old

2's Class

3's Class

4's Class

4's and 5's Class

5's Class

Vertical Class (AM)

Vertical Class (PM)


Enrollment fees: P5,000 per semester for UP dependents (students whose parents are UP employees); P15,000 per semester for non-UP dependents1

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