UP Aggregates, Inc.

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U.P. Aggregates, Inc.
Established July 21, 1985
Category Non-profit, academic organization
Motto Sieved. Reinforced. Tested.
Location G/F Melchor Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines 1101
E-mail upaggregatesinc@gmail.com upaggregates@coe.upd.edu.ph

The University of the Philippines Aggregates, Incorporated also known as UP Aggregates, Inc. or simply Aggre is a non-profit, academic organization of civil engineering students based in the Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman.


UP Aggregates was established in July 1985 when the need for a more fulfilling student organization arose in the hearts of 29 civil engineering students - an organization that would recognize their academic objectives as well as provide an outlet for meaningful extra-curricular participation.

Quickly establishing itself as an active participant in numerous campus activities, the organization has organized a few of its own activities such as film showings, sales, seminars, and outreach programs.

In 2003, through the hard work of the resident members, the organization has been recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission and has become, UP Aggregates, Incorporated.

On its 33rd year, UP Aggregates, Inc. envisions an invigorating environment that strengthens companionship and delivers extensive opportunities for collective growth. The organization seeks to fortify its identity as a community geared towards the pursuit of unity and camaraderie. Aggre aspires to ignite passion among its constituents in their continuous efforts towards academic excellence and holistic growth.

To ignite empowerment, the organization will commit to a continuously evolving program for personal and professional development. It will strive to provide its members with well-inspired platforms to discover and develop knowledge and skills whilst encouraging improved communication and productive collaboration. As it continues to mold youth leaders through managing and partaking in efforts inspired by the call to serve their community, Aggre remains fueled by the determination for member welfare and inclusivity.

Organizational Structure

Based on the 2017 Constitution (Article IV, Section 2), the highest governing body of the Organization is the Board of Directors, elected by the General Assembly, and is composed of the President, the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Directors of the standing committees.


The eight standing committees of UP Aggregates, Inc.

The standing committees are as follows:

  • Committee for Academic Affairs
  • Committee for Applications
  • Committee for External Affairs
  • Committee for Finance
  • Committee for Internal Affairs
  • Committee for Logistics and Secretarial Operations
  • Committee for Press and Publicity
  • Committee for Professionals and Alumni Relations

Flagship Events

The organization takes pride in its flagship events in which are used as mediums to promote the longstanding values and principles of UP Aggregates, Inc.

Civil Engineering Talk (CET)

Civil Engineering Talk

The Civil Engineering Talk, or CE Talk, is an annual event which aims to expand the knowledge of civil engineering students, to raise their awareness, and to broaden their horizons through a series of highly-informative seminars. The event features highly notable and outstanding civil engineers and professionals who impart their knowledge and skills to over 2000 students from different universities nationwide.

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Fix and Focus Forum (FFF)

Fix and Focus Forum

The Fix and Focus Forum is a sequence of interdisciplinary forum, interactive workshops, and building design competition for top students in both academics and leadership from premier high schools in the Philippines. The event just not aims to be an eye-opener for various horizons, but also to harness the ability of the future nation builders in fixing societal problems while focusing on different specific fields of interest. This gathering intents to encourage innovative thinking in providing solutions and sustainable developments to macro-scale problems.

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Intercollegiate AggregatES Quiz (ESQ)

Intercollegiate Aggregates Quiz

The Intercollegiate AggregatES Quiz, or ESQ, is an annual competition that aims to test the knowledge and expertise of engineering students from different colleges and universities in various fields of the Engineering Sciences. For years, ESQ continues to challenge and develop their competence as well as their values of teamwork, honesty, and camaraderie as future Filipino engineers.

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Other Events

Besides the organization's flagship events, UP Aggregates, Inc. also holds other smaller events to further develop holistic growth within its members.

Anniversary Celebration

The Grand Alumni Homecoming

The organization's anniversary celebration known as the Aggregates Month is a month-long commemoration of showcasing Aggre as an organization that was reinforced, sieved and tested through time.

The Grand Alumni Homecoming, or AHc, is UP Aggregates, Inc.'s triennial event which aims to bring together the organization's proud alumni and resident members. It is an occasion where the community dine together in a night of nostalgia and entertainment. AHc also serves as a venue for the election practices of the UP Aggregates Alumni Association, now comprised of more than 700 members.

Aggre Gives Back, or AGB, aims to reach the outside communities by choosing a beneficiary and immersing the organization to the daily lives of the people inside the community. Charitable works for the chosen community may take different forms such as feeding programs, donations, and acts of service for all.

Crossover is the bonding event of the organization's resident members with their alumni and sister organization - that is, PUP Aggregates from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. This event takes the form of a whole day event filled with team-building activities aiming to strengthen their bond with each other.

Humans of Aggre is a series of online campaign aimed to feature and give recognition to distinguished members and alumni to showcase the organization's role in shaping and developing them to be an embodiment of the organization's principles and values. This event serves as a platform of Aggre to inspire and educate people on how to manage, adapt, and face life’s challenges through sharing the experiences and knowledge of the featured members and alumni.

UPCAT Review

UPCAT Review

The UPCAT Review is an annual event held by the Committee for Academic Affairs as part of the organization's advocacy in promoting academic excellence among senior high school (Grade 11) students. The review is conducted for free for a selected school in preparation for the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT). The review, which is usually held two to three months before the UPCAT, is done for five Saturdays which each session conducted for five hours led by our members. Aside from the discussion of the special topics in Mathematics, Science, and English, interactive activities and games were included in the review to make it more lively. A diagnostic exam on the first Saturday and a mock exam on the last day is also conducted to gauge how much the participants have learned. Throughout the review, handouts (both hard copy and soft copy) are provided for free as visual aids. For the past few years, the result of the UPCAT Review has been improving as reflected by the increasing passing rate of the participants.

Applicants' Orientation

Applicants' Orientation, or simply Apps' Orye, is an event held by the Committee for Applications every start of the semester. This event is filled with performances, talks, and games which introduces Aggre as an organization to its potential applicants.

Ultimate Bonding Experience

Ultimate Bonding Experience

The Ultimate Bonding Experience, or UBE, is an internal team building event that forges and strengthens the bond between the members of the organization by creating an avenue for them to interact outside the academe.

Amazing Math Trail

The Amazing Math Trail is a campus tour and Math 21 refresher course in one headed by the Committee for Applications in partnership with the Committee for Academic Affairs. This event is for the incoming freshmen students of the Institute of Civil Engineering as Math 21 is the first required course in the math series for engineering students in the university. This aims to prepare freshmen on what to expect about the course while creating a bond with their fellow coursemates and with the members of the organization.

Professional Seminars

In line with the mandate of the Committee for Professionals and Alumni Relations, the Professional Seminar Series aims to cater holistic development of the members. Professional Seminars are conducted regularly for the professional formation of the future engineers, further improving themselves as well-rounded individuals. Distinguished speakers from different institutions are invited to discuss different topics such as career planning, leadership, event handling, and workplace ethics.

Enggterpretations Film Festival

The Enggterpretations Film Festival, or simply, EFF, is a film-making competition held during the UP College of Engineering's annual Engineering Week and is open to all participating organizations. It serves as an avenue for the participants to unleash their competitive spirit by showcasing their creative talent in the field of filming and interpretation of a given theme.


Members of UP Aggregates, Inc. exhibit excellence, most notable in the field of academics.

The organization is home to many latin honorees and to topnotchers of the civil engineering board exams:

  • Romeo Longalong (Top 3 in the November 2010 CE Board Exam)
  • Elvin Bernardo Cruz (Top 6 in the November 2011 CE Board Exam)
  • Benjamin Suarez (Top 8 in the May 2012 CE Board Exam)
  • Dominic Bautista (Top 5 in the November 2014 CE Board Exam)
  • Laurenz Luigi Cruz (Top 9 in the November 2014 CE Board Exam)
  • Mark Daniel Ibanez (Top 10 in the September 2017 LET Board Exam)
  • Jaydee Lucero (Top 1 in the November 2018 CE Board Exam)
  • Jayvee Marjes (Top 7 in the November 2018 CE Board Exam)

Some members of the organization also participated and obtained awards from different prestigious engineering competitions in and outside the country.

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