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* [https://www.facebook.com/UP.Aggregates UP Aggregates, Inc.] on Facebook.
* [https://www.facebook.com/UP.Aggregates UP Aggregates, Inc.] on Facebook.
* [https://twitter.com/#!/upaggregatesinc UP Aggregates, Inc.] on Twitter.
* [https://twitter.com/#!/upaggregatesinc UP Aggregates, Inc.] on Twitter.
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[[Category: UP Diliman]] [[Category: Student Organizations|Aggregates]]
[[Category: UP Diliman]] [[Category: Student Organizations|Aggregates]]

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U.P. Aggregates, Inc.

UP Aggregates logo-2012.png
Established July 1985
Category Non-profit, academic organization
Motto Sieved. Reinforced. Tested.
Location G/F Melchor Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines 1101
Faculty Adviser TBD
Website http://www.upaggregatesinc.org/
E-mail upaggregatesinc@gmail.com
A.Y. 2012-2013
President Ederlyn J. Bandong
Vice President Dominique Charmaine D. Aranas
Academics John Lemar M. Tirao
Alumni Relations Edgar Mari S. Saroca
Applications Arturo C. Rivera III
Finance Jerome G. Pascual
Logistics Robin James E. Enclona
Press and Publications Maricar L. Rabonza
Ways and Means Anjelica P. Ancheta
Auditors Lean Jesselie A. Dela Cruz (First Semester, 12-13)
TBD (Second Semester, 12-13)

The University of the Philippines Aggregates, Incorporated also known as UP Aggregates, Inc. or simply Aggre is a non-profit, academic organization of civil engineering students based in the Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman.


The UP Aggregates came into being in July 1985 when the need for a more fulfilling student organization arose in the hearts of twenty-nine civil engineering students, an organization that would recognize their academic objectives as well as provide an outlet for meaningful extra-curricular participation. Thus, the UP Aggregates was born.

Quickly establishing itself as an active participant in numerous campus activities, the UP Aggregates has even organized a few of its own activities such as film showings, sales, seminars, and outreach programs.

An ideal academic organization should promote academic excellence among its members. Through the years, they have worked hard to reach that ideal. That hard work has born fruits for us, as many of today’s civil engineers who were once part of the UP Aggregates has been constantly reaping success in the civil engineering profession.

Although the organization prioritizes academics, the organization members do not confine themselves to round the clock studying. They regularly participate in numerous campus and civic activities that suit different members of different inclinations. The organization holds sports festivals and joins University sporting events. The organization also promotes teamwork, discipline, and leadership towards the development of oneself that leads to become social individuals.

In 2003, through the hard work of their committees, the organization has been recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission and has become, UP Aggregates, Incorporated, now stronger and bolder.

This year marks the UP Aggregates, Inc. 27th anniversary. As the members aim to continuously accelerate the organization’s growth, whilst inspiring lives of colleagues and contemporaries, the group has lined up new activities and formulated new ideas that would help them achieve the said goals. The UP Aggregates, Inc., as an essential and integrated part of the College of Engineering and of the whole UP community, hopes to be dynamic as the time demands them to be, to continue setting the goals and realizing them for the years to come.

Organization structure

The 2010 constitution of UP Aggregates, Inc. highlights the structure of the organization. It is headed by the President, who is elected by all active members at-large. The organization is divided to eight standing committees, namely the Academics Committee, Alumni Relations Committee, Applications Committee, Finance Committee, Logistics Committee, Membership Committee, Press and Publications Committee and Ways and Means Committee. The people who handle these committees are called committee heads and are also elected by all active members at-large.

The Board of Directors

All committee heads, together with the President, constitute a separate group known as the "Board of Directors" that are involved with most of the decision-making and planning within the organization.

The Membership Committee handles all internal and external affairs of the organization and is headed by the Membership Committee Head. He also holds the office of the Vice President of the organization. The Membership Committee is also responsible to promoting the well-being of the members of the organization, proper classification of membership and is second in the order of precedence after the President.

The Logistics Committee assists the Secretary in the discharge of his duties. The head of the Logistics Committee is also the executive secretary of the organization. He is responsible for taking care of all records and documents of the organization, meeting schedules, correspondences and properties of the organization.

The Finance Committee takes charge of all finances and internal income generating activities of the organization. The head of the Finance Committee is also the executive treasurer of the organization. The treasurer keeps all financial records and assets of UP Aggregates, Inc., collects all dues from the members, prepares financial statements and acts as the handlers of all business transactions of the organization.

The Academic Committee stimulates all academic activities of the organization. The head of the academic committee tracks academic performance of its members, sets review sessions and activities that boost academic welfare of the organization and organizes the Aggregates academic archives.

The Alumni Relations Committee serves as the link between the resident members and alumni of UP Aggregates, Inc. The head of the alumni relations committee acts as the official representative of UP Aggregates, Inc. to all meetings of UP Aggregates Alumni Association, holds the alumni database and conducts induction of members into the alumni association.

The Applications Committee processes the all application for membership activities of the organization. The head of the applications committee organizes events and other things to promote bonds and companionship between applicants and members of the organization.

The Ways and Means Committee is involved with all external money generating activities of the organization such as sponsorship and marketing proposals. The head of the ways and means committee is also the marketing officer of the organization and manages the corporate portfolio of UP Aggregates.

There is also an Auditor who is elected at the end of every semester and will have power for one academic semester. The Auditor is not part of the Board of Directors and should not be a member of the Finance Committee. He checks and balances all financial status of the organization and validates all financial statements released by the Treasurer.


UP Aggregates, Inc. has ninety-six (96) active members for the first semester, 2012-2013.

President: Ederlyn Bandong


  • John Lemar Tirao
  • Marc Louis Andres
  • Sedrik Aralar
  • Dominic Bautista
  • Harvey Bisa
  • Laurenz Luigi Cruz
  • Dan Mari Estanislao
  • Franz Kristopher Flores
  • Gabriel Miro
  • Justin Joseph Valdez
  • John Carlo Velandres
  • Mary Jane Venus

Alumni Relations

  • Edgar Mari Saroca
  • Benzene June Billones
  • Albie Clarito
  • Lean Jesselie Dela Cruz
  • Edgar Angelo Dela Cruz
  • Paulo Fonollera
  • Mark Ivan Juinio
  • Camille Rose Morales
  • Patrick Nepomuceno
  • Ernesto Miguel Paggabao
  • Jan Victor Serra


  • Arturo Rivera III
  • John Paul Abad
  • Nonalu Sherida Abao
  • Krisha Marie Bautista
  • Andrea Espiritu
  • Kristina Luy
  • Marielle Elaida Monteclaro
  • Ralph Aldrin Ong
  • Rafael Angelo Samson
  • Jayson Silang
  • Jeshaiah Urrea


  • Jerome Pascual
  • Yvette Ivy Bautista
  • Arlene Joy Co
  • Francis Jerome de Lara
  • Shem Dosol
  • Neil Amery Fabi
  • Melanie Gaspa
  • Mark Daniel Ibanez
  • Ramene Lim
  • Lorielyn Martineez
  • Joanne Sanchez
  • Christian Darwin Valencia


  • Robin James Enclona
  • Hannah Grace Aventurado
  • Laura Carlos
  • Joseph Ervin Changco
  • Ma. Jhubhel Dela Cruz
  • Jasper Ian Mendoza
  • Joanne Marie Parafina
  • Ralph Soltes
  • Liezl Anne Sumagaysay
  • Hazel Charmaine Jean Vilar
  • Erwin Valdez


  • Dominique Charmaine Aranas
  • Dominic Aloc
  • Ludwin Gene Briones
  • Iris Joy Canete
  • Armando Celso, Jr.
  • April Eunice Esmilla
  • Hale Jemimah Ines
  • Maxine Panganiban
  • Nico Quendangan
  • Jermaine Ralph Seco
  • Sarah Lynn Sioting
  • Christine Zabanal

Press and Publications

  • Maricar Rabonza
  • Ian Kaye Alejandrino
  • Antonio Chua, Jr.
  • Karl Patrick Daliposa
  • Ronalie Pangyarihan
  • Flor Angel Prelligera
  • Beverly May Ramos
  • Alexis Bryan Rivera
  • Patrick Joseph Robles
  • Kenji Cate Tambo
  • Gideon Valdez

Ways and Means

  • Maria Anjelica Ancheta
  • Rodgie Ello Cabungcal
  • Manuel Joseph Calma
  • Rhey Joseph Daway
  • Givette Kristine Esguerra
  • Christian Angelo Manuel
  • Lawrence Medina
  • Axl Kieffer Novera
  • Monikka Mae Tadeo
  • Nikkei Pfeiffer Tadili
  • Michael Villaraza
  • Hershey Kathlyn Yap


Application for membership to UP Aggregates, Inc. occurs every semester. Application process is designed to promote cooperation, bond and excellence among the organization's members and applicants. While the applicants start to learn about the organization, their natural gifts and abilities as a student are also enhanced and unfolded.


National Civil Engineering Talk, 2011.

The UP Aggregates, Inc. conducts the following activities yearly, in an effort to achieve scholastic excellence, foster unity and camaraderie and encourage leadership in all fields among its members and other people involved.

Gawad Kalinga

The members of the organization have been offering their free labor service to help build houses for the less fortunate people. This has become an annual event in which we cooperate with groups such as Gawad Kalinga in providing aid in shelter and site development for underprivileged communities.

In an effort to further spread and enlarge the ideals of this activity, the organization is including the participation of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) Aggregates chapter. This promises an outreach program that is bigger in scale than any previous years.

National Civil Engineering Talk

This is a symposium which primarily aims to present the civil engineering profession to civil engineering engineering students from various universities. This event has grown to be the major event of the organization that is held annually. This year promises to be larger as they target to have 1600+ student participants from NCR, Region III, and Region IV. Guest speakers such as outstanding faculty members, civil engineering professionals, and alumni are invited as speakers for the event.

AggregatES Quiz

UP Aggregates, Inc. Engineering Science Quiz 2012 was held last February 2012 at the Engineering Theater.

The UP Aggregates, Inc. Engineering Science (AggregatES) Quiz or simply ES Quiz is a competition open to all engineering students which covers topics in engineering sciences such as statics, dynamics, and mechanics of deformable bodies. Among others, the ES Quiz has been a trademark activity which the UP Aggregates Inc. conducts every year.


This is a board game contest which features word factory as the elimination round and scrabble as the final round.

Engineering Week events

Lantern MakEng'g

Since the Engineering Week is near Christmas, the organization has arranged a lantern making contest. The lanterns made will be graded by art professionals coming from the UP College of Fine Arts. After deliberation, all the lanterns will be displayed in the halls of the engineering building.

Amazeng’g Race

It is a whole day adventure race around the UP Diliman campus. This competition is open to all university students. Within the route, there will be 15 stations that will not only challenge the participants physically but also mentally.

Film Festival

The main event that UP Aggregates, Inc. will be hosting is the Filmfest. It challenges students to show their artistic side as they make a 20 minute film on a predetermined theme. There will be two screenings of all the films in order to give chance to all students to watch the movies even in their busy schedules. Like any film-making contest, there will be an award ceremony; not only will the best picture win, but there will also be a category for best actor, best actress as well as best director. The films will be judged by professional film-makers from the UP College of Mass Communication.


Members of the UP Aggregates, Inc. exhibit excellence, most notable in the field of academics. UP Aggregates, Inc. is home to class valedictorians of the Institute of Civil Engineering for the last three years and to topnotchers of the civil engineering board exams:

  • Romeo Longalong (Magna cum laude '10, Top 3 in November 2010 CE Board Exam)
  • Elvin Bernardo Cruz (Magna cum laude '11, Top 6 in November 2011 CE Board Exam)
  • Benjamin Suarez (Top 8 in May 2012 CE Board Exam)
  • John Phillip Lapidez (Magna cum Laude, '12)

Some members of the organization also participated and obtained awards from different prestigious engineering competitions in and outside the country:

  • Introducing and Demonstrating Earthquake Engineering Research in Schools 2011 (Taipei)
  • Most Outstanding Civil Engineering Student Award of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers
  • 2012 Executives' Challenge (UP Los Banos)
  • 2010 Engineering Math Competition (UP Los Banos)

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