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==Organization Structure==
==Organization Structure==

===Board of Directors, 2011-12===
===Board of Directors, 2012-13===
* '''President''': Michael Manuel Nool 08A
* '''President''': Ederlyn Jallorina Bandong (08B)
* '''Vice President''': Anfy Masarap Cabunilas 08A
* '''Vice President''': Dominique Charmaine Danduan Aranas (09B)
* '''Secretary'''/Logistics Committee Head: Kris Jaeyani Batinga Daza 07A
* '''Secretary'''/Logistics Committee Head: Robin James Escasinas Enclona (09B)
* '''Treasurer'''/Finance Committee Head: Lean Jesselie Artates Dela Cruz 08B
* '''Treasurer'''/Finance Committee Head: Jerome Galler Pascual (10B)
* '''Academic Committee Head''': Givette Kristine Yu Esguerra 09A
* '''Academics Committee Head''': John Lemar Magbitang Tirao (11A)
* '''Alumni Relations Committee Head''': Edgar Angelo D. Dela Cruz 07B
* '''Alumni Relations Committee Head''': Edgar Mari Suarez Saroca (09B)
* '''Applications Committee Head''': Ederlyn Jallorina Bandong 08B
* '''Applications Committee Head''': Arturo C. Rivera III (10B)
* '''Press and Publications Committee Head''': Antonio Bujawe Chua, Jr. 09B
* '''Press and Publications Committee Head''': Maricar Labalan Rabonza (08B)
* '''Ways and Means Committee Head''': Renato Rainier Morales Vitorio 07A
* '''Ways and Means Committee Head''': Maria Anjelica Pinatacan Ancheta (08B)


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UP Aggregates, Inc.

UP Aggregates.png
Established 1985
President Ederlyn J. Bandong
Category Academic Organization
Motto Sieved. Reinforced. Tested. (not so sure about this)
Location G/F Melchor Hall, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City, Philippines 1101
Website http://www.upaggregatesinc.org/
E-mail upaggregatesinc@gmail.com

The University of the Philippines Aggregates, Incorporated also known as UP Aggregates, Inc. or simply Aggre is an organization of civil engineering students based in the Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman.


Organization Structure

Board of Directors, 2012-13

  • President: Ederlyn Jallorina Bandong (08B)
  • Vice President: Dominique Charmaine Danduan Aranas (09B)
  • Secretary/Logistics Committee Head: Robin James Escasinas Enclona (09B)
  • Treasurer/Finance Committee Head: Jerome Galler Pascual (10B)
  • Academics Committee Head: John Lemar Magbitang Tirao (11A)
  • Alumni Relations Committee Head: Edgar Mari Suarez Saroca (09B)
  • Applications Committee Head: Arturo C. Rivera III (10B)
  • Press and Publications Committee Head: Maricar Labalan Rabonza (08B)
  • Ways and Means Committee Head: Maria Anjelica Pinatacan Ancheta (08B)




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