UP Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students

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UP Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students
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Established 1999
Motto "We have gone far, and we are going further.

We strive, not for perfection, but for excellence."

Type College-based Organization
Location UP College of Engineering
Website http://upalchemes.co.cc/


The Organization

The University of the Philippines Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students, otherwise known as the UP ALCHEMES, was created to promote academic and leadership excellence and to foster camaraderie and goodwill among Chemical Engineering majors and students of diverse cultural profiles in the University.

True to its name, the organization’s academic excellence has been very well-proven over the years as it has contributed a number of topnotchers in the board exams, with three of its alumni bagging the top spots of the recently concluded 2007 Chemical Engineering Board Examinations, as well as outstanding contestants in PIChE Quiz Bowl. UP ALCHEMES has never failed to produce magna cum laude and cum laude graduates since its existence.

In 2005, the organization was recognized by the National Youth Commission as one of the best organizations of the National Capital Region after being selected as finalist of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations (TAYO) in the region. Now on its ninth year, it has undeniably established its name and gained integrity and respect that is comparable to, sometimes even surpasses, other organizations much older than UP ALCHEMES.

Not only has the organization excelled in studies. The UP ALCHEMES is also a cornucopia of talents and interests, a home to countless singers, dancers, stage performers, trivia buff, academic achievers, team leaders, musicians, artists and writers, to name a few. It has also produced great leaders in the Engineering Student Council, credible editors in the Engineering Logscript and the Reactor, and winning teams in the annual Marketing Congress. Its members are also known to be formidable contenders in various quiz shows, scrabble tournaments, singing contests, and battle of the bands. The ALCHEMISTS, above all these, maintain a cheerful, approachable, and humble personality thus making them truly unique and exceptional individuals.

Since its birth on January 13, 1999, the league has been providing services not only to the Chemical Engineering Department and to the College of Engineering but also to UP and to the Filipino society thru its various activities like the Inter-High School Research Fair, College Entrance Exam Review Series (CEERS), the Academic League Leader Quiz Show (ALL), Software Application Protocol (S@P), Chemistry and Math Tutorials, Outreach Program, Medical Mission, and ACLE.


The idea of putting up a Chemical Engineering org was conceived about a year ago. Back then, a number of ChE juniors popped the thought of forming a group that would represent them and their beliefs as chemical engineering students. Incidentally, this group would be the second ChE org in the university. The idea grew and soon many people from the same batch were into it.

Various names for soon-to-be-org were suggested, ranging from the nationalist KIK (Kapisanan ng mga Inhinyero sa Kemika), to the medieval-sounding ALCHEMIST. After numerous and tedious discussions, arguments, chikahan and what have you, most of the founding members decided on ALCHEMES. Rooting from Alchemy, this name bears a more contemporary meaning (two, actually). To some, it is Alliance of Chemical Engineering Students. However, it has been established to Academic League of chemical Engineering Students. Quite deep, isn’t it?

Since last, quite a number of meetings have been held regarding the formation of the organization. Some of these were productive, but there were some whose total number of attendees could hardly fill half of the typical Engineering classroom. After a few more months of obscurity, the group increased in number and the younger batches joined in. But due to the uncertainty of the organization’s recognition, there were some who simply just let their beliefs fade away and wandered to other pastures. But there were those who just wouldn’t give up, who always believed in what a group of brilliant young minds could do, uncertain the future may have seemed. These are the very same people who comprise today’s UP ALCHEMES. As of last count, there are about 60 members, considered the founding members.

Presently, the org is one of the many in the College of Engineering. The road to recognition was not an easy one. Of course there was an opposition to the idea of another ChE org, but after one year of unrelenting effort, here we are. UP ALCHEMES currently has no tambayan to its name, since the college only gives tambayans to orgs after at least a year of probationary status after they’ve proven their worth.

For now, we’re just happy to be recognized. A tambayan is yet another living. (As they say, patience is a virtue.) Next semester, the org will hopefully be accepting applicants. Just keep posted. For the meantime, live life.

Mission and Vision


The University of the Philippines Academic League of Chemical Engineering Students (UP ALCHEMES) aims to promote academic excellence among its members and assist them in their pursuit of higher scholastic achievements. It serves as a forum and venue for the exchange of ideas and interests and development of camaraderie among Chemical Engineering majors. The organization fosters holistic growth and development of its members through relevant and worthwhile programs and projects that assist and support its members in preparation of their professional career. Also, UP ALCHEMES organizes activities that are geared towards the reiteration of the importance of our environment.


The UP ALCHEMES strives to be recognized as among the best student organizations in the University of the Philippines in terms of academic excellence, holistic growth, leadership and professionalism. As such, the UP ALCHEMES will continuously contribute highly competent and professional chemical engineers in the country, provide service to the University and community, and will continue to conduct activities with the highest possible professional, socio-civic, and environmental standards.

The UP ALCHEMES instills to its members the following core values:







The organization is divided into 6 committees, each with its own roles, responsibilities, activities and representation in the Executive Committee.


The Academics Committee is directly responsible in organizing projects and activities that foster academic excellence of the members of the organization. Tutorials and seminars are the major means. It is also responsible in the acquisition and safekeeping of academic publications and other media, such as sample exams. Moreover, it provides the members a venue to discover the art in the science of studying and the science in the art of learning.

Some major activities: CEERS (College Entrance Examination Review Series), Research Fair, S@P (Software Application Protocol)

Current Executive Officer: John Kim Redecio

External Affairs and Publications

Since the organization’s establishment nine years ago, the committee more commonly known as exte has evolved just about as much as the organization has. Initially confined to the tasks set by the constitution, exte has been an effective publications and communications committee. One can say that the committee was made specifically for PR (Press Relations). But over the years, the committee has been the forerunner of most of the organizations projects that are geared towards community and environmental service. Set on fulfilling the roles of the org established by the constitution, the external affairs committee has undertaken the organization of a wide range of activities that cater to the members, the student body, the department, the college, the university, and the community outside of UP. These activities include the following:

  • Communication with the University Student Council for various University activities
    • Alternative Classroom Learning Experience (ACLE)
    • Freshman Orientation Program (FOP)
    • University Fair
  • Environmental Programs
    • Concert for a Cause
    • Emission Testing
    • Environmental awareness talks (via ACLE)
  • Event tie-ups with other organizations
  • Maintenance of the organization publication (PURGED!)
  • Outreaches and Social Service events
    • Book Drives
    • Home Building
    • Medical Mission
    • Orphanage Visits
    • Visits to Homes for the Aged
  • Alumni Relations
    • Alumni Homecomings
    • Communication with the UP ALCHEMES Alumni Association (UPAA)
    • Communication with the UP Alumni Engineers (UPAE)

Although not entirely true, the committee has more often been stereotyped as one exclusively for those with good PR and people skills. But each exte member is encouraged to take an active part in all of the organization’s activities and is expected, by the end of his/her stay in the university, to have the confidence more often required from exte members than other members of the org. Exte strives to create a venue to make a difference in the community and in members of the organization, through various activities, sticking to the organization’s motto, “make a difference break free!” Current Executive Officer: Julie Anne del Rosario


The finance committee, as per the organization’s constitution, is responsible for the organization’s ventures in fundraising, and is accountable to all financial collections, transactions, purchases and safekeeping within the organization. The committee also manages the budget allocations for the various organization functions, upon approval of the Executive Council. Over the years, the committee has organized many fundraising events and activities, catering to various individuals. For the Academic Year 2007-2008, the Finance committee has planned and managed a number of fundraisers, including clothing and book sales, food booths, movie screenings etc. For the next few years, the committee is looking forward to arranging more events, and the formation of the Grand Marketing Package for potential sponsors of the organization’s events.

Current Executive Officer: Junelle Llorente

Internal Affairs

The Internal Affairs Committee is responsible in monitoring the performance of the resident members regarding to the organization’s activities. The primary responsibility is to keep an aye on the performance of the members as an affiliate of the organization, especially their part on the organization’s activities. The committee deals with the internal concerns of the organization, most especially its members. Aside from this, the committee also aims to strengthen the bonds between the members. The committee is subdivided into to two groups, the Application and recruitment committee and the Human Resources Committee. As the name says the Application and Recruitment committee is in charge in recruiting possible addition to the growing members of the organization. The entire application process is also their responsibility. The application is done every semester which is headed by the assigned application head. Sign-up booths are being put up at the different buildings within the campus, for the interest students to sign-up their names. Orientation is being done to welcome the applicants, and to give them an overview of what the organization is and how it feels like to be a part of it. During the application process the committee assigns the interns to their respective prefer committee as to their possible contribution as a member of the organization, this will have them a taste of being a member. They will be placed to the field they think they are good at, by doing this, it will help them in preparation to their professional career. The application process is something to look at every year. Most especially the intern’s talent’s night, which is the night where the applicants showcases their talents. Guiding the applicant is not only the app com’s responsibility, it is everyone’s duty to help them, to comfort them and to make our org feels like a home for them.

The Human resources committee deals with the issues of the residing members. Figuring out ways that could probably bring out the organization’s spirit in every member is what they usually do. As a member of an organization, it is every ones duty to take part in the activities and projects of the organization. Though there are some who don’t do their part, they are still seeing as a member, yet they still need to be boost up for them to realize what they could do for the org, and this is the duty of the human resources committee. Aside from this other issues that goes on with in the tambayan is being resolved by the HR committee.

The committee is also in charge in the reaffirmation of the members which is done every year. Updating all membership records is the duty of the executive officer meaning it should be kept by the committee. Even the records of the alumni are still kept by the committee. The committee is also in charge in the recognition of the members, which is done annually.

Current Executive Officer: Shyne Marie Baticulon

Logistics, Sports and Recreation

The role of LSR, as officially stated in the constitution, can be summarized into four: maintenance of the property and equipment of the organization; inventory of all belongings of the organization during the General Assembly; manpower for sports and social events participated by the society; and the arrangement of venue for the organization’s meetings and other social functions. Over the years, LSR has proven its importance beyond simply keeping the tambayan clean. LSR has been responsible for the safe-keeping of the organization’s property as well as the development of the organization’s reputation in sports-related events held during the Engineering Week. LSR also helps the organization raise funds through the Fun(d) Run activity. Other sponsored activities such as ICOC and X-Day helps build team work and coordination within members of each committee. These activities test and strengthen the member’s unison, ingenuity and management capability; and by doing so, enable each member to work effectively with the other members of his/her committee. LSR also sponsors activities such as Sports Clinic for members, alumni, and applicants and EDGE. The committee shows its dedication in pursuing the organizations principles and objectives through practicing its responsibilities and taking part in other organizational concerns. Undoubtedly, Logistics, Sports and Recreation Committee contributes for the betterment and advancement of each individual member and the organization as a whole.

Current Executive Officer: Marc Adrian dela Rosa


The Secretariat Committee is the safe-keeper of all records of the organization. These records include (but are not restricted to) University and College recognition forms, membership and application forms, minutes of Executive Council meetings and General Assemblies, and event documentations.

In addition, the committee is also responsible for official correspondence to the University and College Administrations, as well as to the University and Engineering Student Councils and the other organizations in the academe. It is also responsible for any official correspondence to other entities (e.g. companies, alumni sponsors) outside of the academe.

Another duty of the committee is taking care of all announcements of the organization. It is tasked to maintain and update the organization calendar (located at the organization lounge) and the organization bulletin board (located at the Chemical Engineering Department.) It is also tasked to set up and take care of organization exhibits during the annual UP ALCHEMES Month.

Furthermore, the activation and maintenance of the UP ALCHEMES website (upalchemes.co.cc and upalchemes.tk) is a continuing endeavor of the committee.

Current Executive Officer: Ann Margret Escalona

See Also

The official website of the UP ALCHEMES: http://upalchemes.co.cc/