UP-FM Transmitter

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A Raspberry Pi-based program FM transmitter that plays online UP-FM music radio. Radio receivers can tune in to 87.5MHz if the transmitter is in range.

Individuals from the different UP campuses, UP alumni and friends in different locations, lovers of Filipino indie music are encouraged to build and use this device to broadcast UP-FM in their areas.


A. For PIFM:

  • Raspberry PI (model B).

Raspberry pi model B.jpg

  • SD Card with Raspbian "Wheezy" OS (operating system) installed.

Sd card.jpeg Raspbian wheezy.png

  • Power Brick (5 volts, 2 amperes)

Power brick.jpg

  • Solid wire,no.22 and GPIO Cable (for the antenna)

Solid wire.jpg Gpio.jpg

  • Soldering iron, Soldering lead, Electrical tape

Soldering iron.jpg Lead.jpg I-download.jpg

B. For Programming:


A. Making a Simple Antenna

Since you may not have an ideal antenna, you will use a solid wire (no.22) as substitute. Cut a solid wire about 32 centimeters and stripe one end at least 1 cm. Also cut the GPIO cable wire near the socket and leave at least 1 cm wire on it. Stripe the wire near the GPIO socket. Combine both ends of the solid wire and GPIO socket using lead and soldering iron. Wrap the soldered wire and GPIO with the tape (see picture below).

IMG 20140423 130605.jpg IMG 20140423 130743.jpg IMG 20140423 130855.jpg IMG 20140423 131006.jpg IMG 20140423 131031.jpg IMG 20140423 131101.jpgIMG 20140423 131151.jpg IMG 20140423 131218.jpgIMG 20140423 131638.jpg IMG 20140423 131724.jpg IMG 20140423 132408.jpg IMG 20140423 132752.jpg

B. Installing and Running Raspbian "wheezy

You will now prepare the PIfm in Raspberry PI. To do so, you must have an SD card, with Raspbian "wheezy" OS installed. One way to do it is to download and install the Win 32 disk imager to your windows PC. Also download zip file of Raspbian "wheezy" and extract the file. Plug in your SD card. Write the disk image file on the SD card.Then you have now the installed Raspbian "wheezy" OS in your SD card.

C. Programming the PIFM

Once you have installed the Raspbian "wheezy" and ran it to your Raspberry PI, you can now program the UP-FM transmitter from LXterminal.

  • open your lxterminal.

  • create a dedicated directory within the home directory and download the pifm files from icrobotics site as follows:

        cd ~
        mkdir pifm
        cd pifm 
        wget http://www.icrobotics.co.uk/wiki/images/c/c3/Pifm.tar.gz
        tar -xvf Pifm.tar.gz

  • download the application called sox (Sound Exchange) package. This is required to stream the internet radio and pipe it to PIFM program for transmission.

        sudo apt-get install sox libsox-fmt-all

  • create a script to make it easier to execute.

        sudo nano pifmradio.sh

Type following command line inside the script and press ctrl+x, Y and then Enter to save.

#!/bin/bash sox -v .9 -t mp3 "http://updox.upd.edu.ph/stream/2/;stream.nsv" -t wav --input-buffer 80000 -r 22050 -c 1 - | sudo /home/pi/pifm/pifm - 87.5

  • Change the mode of the script to be executable.

        sudo chmod +x pifmradio.sh

Development Team

  • Jhon Mark Sorio
  • Nestor Tiglao (consultant)
  • Peter Sy (consultant)
UP-FM transmitter in action
File:Sample video for FM.mp4

Cost Estimate

  • Raspberry Pi Type B 512MB: Php 1,500
  • SD Card
  • wire antenna


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