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Project Description

UP-FM is conceived to be a network of strategically placed low-power (max 10W) FM transmitters on the UP Diliman campus and in other places. (See UP-FM Transmitter.) Its source content is streamed from a DILC server. The fully automated audio stream is also available online at up-fm.org.

UP-FM's potential audience on campus include people with FM-ready mobile phones and those in offices with radios. The station can also be "installed" outside the UP Campus where there is Internet connection and low-power transmitters can be established.


Planned initial contents include demo tracks from campus bands, music education program, music recitals, stream of important campus academic events, campus bulletin.

Website, Social Media

App Download

Listen to UP-FM via upCurrents.


We welcome demo tracks from campus bands and recordings of music recitals to form part of UP-FM's playlist.

See UP-FM's Playlist

Vision and Mission

UP-FM aims to be the music hub reflective of the youthful, vibrant university culture.

UP-FM adopts a three-pronged approach to achieving its vision:

  1. As a venue to engage artists, musicians, volunteers and other stakeholders to contribute to the development of a dynamic, responsive music radio station.
  2. As a champion for the arts, it conducts programs and activities that will promote artistic development mainly in the UP community.
  3. As a cultural hub, it seeks to contribute to the development and preservation of Filipino’s artistic, musical, and cultural heritage.


Project partners include

Special thanks to the UP Computer Center for DILC's Internet connectivity.

Site Developers

  • Dabu, David Nicoloe
  • Felix, Maria Anjanette
  • Romero, David Riane
  • Dawn Benigno
  • Jastinne Macalalad


UP-FM has a research component. Potentially this cost-effective community-based FM "station" can complement DZUP, the official AM station of the University, and commercial radio stations.

The system will also be used to prototype a network that can be used during disaster or crisis situations.


We need volunteers for transmission, infrastructure maintenance, sound engineering, and programming. DJs, marketing specialists, student orgs, aspiring bands are also welcome.


Visit goo.gl/Gv0vY



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