Tips on Biking on UP Campus

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Tips on Biking on the UP Academic Oval

1. Watch out for crazy car and motorcycle drivers invading the bike lane.

Bike Parking on Campus

1. Bike racks have been installed at the following locations:

    Inside the Academic Oval: kiosk in front of Faculty Center (across the street), Quezon Hall (Administration building), UP Main Library
    South of Academic Oval: UP Faculty Center, UP Vargas Museum, UP CDC
    North of Academic Oval: NCTC
Padyak Bike rack at the Faculty Center

    Further away from the Academic Oval:  HRDO/ISSI, Campus Maintenance Office

See UPD Map for guidance on landmarks.

2. In buildings where there are no bike racks, use your imagination.

Bike Repair on Campus

For minor quick repairs, look for "Mang Ben" at a kiosk fronting the Faculty Center (Claro M Recto Hall). He may be able to help you. An alternative bike repair service is at B12-B, Village B, UP Campus.

Biking Groups on Campus

There are many biking enthusiasts' groups on campus that may help you with your biking needs. These include:

1. UP Padyak

2. UP Century Riders

Biking Campaign on Campus

1. UP Padyak

2. USC's Dagdag Padyak