These(s) and that: Exploring undergraduate theses in the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication from 2005 to 2009

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This study aims to answer what the theses topics are, their attributed significance and reasons why such topics are pursued by students of the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication for their undergraduate requirements. It analyzed 100 undergraduate theses from 2005-2009 of the Broadcast Communication, Communication Research, and Journalism departments of UP CMC. Further, 12 best theses from 2005-2008 were also purposively selected to add substantial data to the study. The study utilized the theories of Constructivism by Jesse Delia and Hermeneutics by Paul Ricoeur. The study found out that most of the theses are concentrated under the Media Content, Communication, Media and Development Agenda of the College. It was also observed that the reasons for pursuing the research topics were not to deliberately uphold the vision and goals of the College, but were in accord with the College’s vision and goals.

Subject Index: Dissertations, Academic--Philippines, Communication, Mass media