The X MoveNET: The Future of the Mobile Internet in Quezon City’s Corporate Information Technology Landscape

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Reyes, M., Rudio, I. (2010). The X MoveNET: The Future of the Mobile Internet in Quezon City’s Corporate Information Technology Landscape, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

This dissertation examines the impact of mobile Internet on the future of the corporate information technology landscape in Quezon City for the next ten years. This was guided by the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) and Van Dijk’s Four Stages of Digital Access. By examining the existing mobile internet infrastructures, systems and mobile internet devices in corporate offices based in Quezon City and the plans for the development of this technology, the study was able to discover the accessibility, usage and availability of these devices to office employees and how these have affected their work efficiency, communication and work practices. The study employed two major methodologies 1) a survey of the corporate offices in Quezon City with a total of 101 respondents and 2) key informant interviews with 5 experts on the field of ICT and mobile Internet devices. Results of the survey point to mobile Internet devices having impact and improving communication efficiency, information dissemination, decision-making procedures, and productivity in terms of maximized work input, workplace organization and tidiness and cost effectiveness in their offices. The interviews, on the other hand, revealed the mobile Internet’s effect on the work styles of employees by providing them with portability of work space, ease of access to information, more flexible work times, an option to work at home which affected efficiency and balance between work and personal lives of corporate office workers in Quezon City. Interviews with personnel from the QC ICT Council revealed the plans of Quezon City to become an ICT hub of the country by making its environment conducive for ICT based industries.

Key Words: Information Technology, Mobile Internet, Quezon City, Corporate

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