The Filipino University Students Acceptance of Koreanovelas

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Robledo, C.D.P. (2011). The Filipino University Students’ Acceptance of Koreanovelas, Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication.

This study aims to find out how the Filipino university students accept Koreanovelas. Through a one-shot survey of research, the study tried to find out the demographic characteristics of the respondents, their level of exposure to the program, their preferences for watching Korean dramas, and their acceptance of the characteristics and other aspects of Koreanovelas. The respondents consisted of 200 college students representing five different universities in Metro Manila.

Survey results revealed that majority of the university students watched Koreanovelas regularly for entertainment purposes. The main appeals of the Korean dramas are the following: unique and exciting plot, fast-paced stories, fashionable and good-looking Korean characters, trendy culture, and other elements such as romantic sentiment expressed in the drama and the use of enticing music.

Findings also revealed that the respondents had generally favorable acceptance towards Korean male and female characters, Korean fashion and home products shown in the Koreanovela programs being aired in the Philippines.

This study hopes to provide insights to the youth of today about international programming. Furthermore, through this study the researcher aspires to provide a glimpse of how the young audience, particularly the university students, recognize the characteristics and other aspects of Korean dramas.

In addition, the study can present information on how the Filipino youth see Koreanovelas as a whole. The researcher hopes that the findings of this research can be used to advance studies on Korean drama programs.

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Subject Index : Television programs -- Korea, Television viewers -- Philippines