The Church and the Fourth Estate: A Study on the Catholic rune News Organization Oblate Media Center


This thesis examines the organizational structure of Oblate Media Center- the news organization of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate (OMI)- and how the OMI runs its. The OMC is a tri-media outfit which houses I-Watch for television, Mindanao Cross for print and DXMS/DXOL for radio. The researchers analyzed how this affects the reportage of the newspaper and in what aspect it is different from secular media organizations. The OMC is also a community news organization that serves the city of Cotabato. By way of focused interviews and surveys, the researchers analyze the competency of the staff of the OMC in the field of journalism and if they fulfill their roles as the developers of the community. The thesis also delves into the dynamics of the role of the Church in media and society, particularly in Cotabato City, and how they function to serve their readers and viewers.

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Subject Index : News agencies , Church and social problems -- Philippines