Team kapamilya

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TEAM KAPAMILYA: A historical case study of ABS-CBN as a media conglomerate

Palac, Anna Katrina A. (2011). Team Kapamilya: A historical case study of ABS-CBN as a media conglomerate. Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis. University of the Philippines Diliman.

This case study provides a comprehensive historical look at ABS-CBN’s growth as a media conglomerate from 1946 up to the present. Using the political economy of communication as its framework, this thesis delves deeper into the issue of media conglomeration in the Philippine setting. The research provides information on ABS-CBN’s subsidiaries and affiliates together with ABS-CBN’s linkages to the other Lopez-owned businesses. This study also addresses the effects of media conglomeration on broadcast content. Through the use of Archival/Documentary research, this thesis proves that political and economic factors influenced ABS-CBN’s growth into a media conglomerate. The extensive reach of ABS-CBN’s ownership through its varied interests in media and other types of businesses makes it the Philippines’ largest media conglomerate. ABS-CBN’s history also attests to how the close links between ABS-CBN and its mother ship, the Lopez Holdings Corporation, helped ABS-CBN in its development especially during its difficult years. More importantly, this study also presents the negative effects of media conglomeration on broadcast content. These effects are brought about by the interplay between ABS-CBN’s responsibility to the public and its own political and economic interests as a media conglomerate.

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