Study Leave

Study Leave [836th BOR meeting, Aug. 30, 1973; 973rd BOR meeting, Nov. 29, 1984; amended at 1142nd BOR meeting, May 26, 2000]

Subject to the exigencies of the service, faculty members may be granted study leave with or without pay. They may be allowed to enrol full time in the University or in other educational institutions subject to the following:

  • · Approval of the Chancellor
  • ·The restriction cited in Enrolment Without Permission [Refer to Chapter 10 Conduct,

Restrictions, and Discipline, Section 2.2 Studies] and

  • ·Rules on the Privilege to Study [Refer to Section 1 Study Privileges for Faculty

Members Not On Leave, of this Chapter]

a. Study leave with pay

  • 1) Qualifications [1053rd BOR meeting, Aug. 27, 1992; amended at 1101st BOR meeting,

Sept. 26, 1996; 1137th BOR meeting, Nov. 25, 1999; amended at 1174th BOR meeting, Aug. 27, 2003] To avail of full study leave with or without pay or faculty fellowship, a faculty member must meet ALL the following conditions:

    • a) The faculty member must have:
      • · proven teaching ability and commitment to serve as UP faculty member

UP Diliman Faculty Manual 60

      • · a good undergraduate record or (if any) good graduate academic record
      • · positive evidence of interest in further academic and professional


      • · good physical health
      • · the potential to complete advanced graduate studies and research

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    • b) The faculty must:
      • · be occupying his/her own faculty item (i.e., not a faculty substitute or

contractual faculty) at the start of the award; Provided, That a faculty member substituting for one who is temporarily on sick, maternity, or study leave, shall not be entitled to study leave with pay

      • · not hold rank higher than Assistant Professor
      • · have served at least one (1) year as a regular UP faculty member
      • · be tenured or being considered for tenure
      • · not be more than forty (40) years old
  • In highly meritorious cases, the conditions on maximum rank or age may be

waived upon the recommendation of the APFC and approval of the Chancellor. The age limit may be raised from forty (40) years to forty-five (45) years for graduate studies abroad and to fifty (50) years for local graduate studies.

    • c) The graduate program that s/he will enrol in must be one of the academic

priorities of her/his department, college, and Constituent University (CU) as indicated in their faculty development program. The choice of degree program and the college of enrolment must be approved by the following:

      • · Department APC (if any)
      • · Department Chair (if any)
      • · College APC or Executive Committee
      • · Dean
      • · CU Academic Personnel and Fellowship Committee (APFC)
      • · Chancellor

2) Privileges

  • Faculty members on full study leave with pay or on fellowship shall enjoy the

following privileges:

    • · Full de-loading from regular faculty duties
    • · Full faculty salary and other benefits for regular faculty in the active service

(including eligibility for promotions)

    • · 100% waiver of tuition, laboratory and miscellaneous fees (except Student

Fund fees) in University courses provided study load is approved by the faculty member's graduate advisor and department chair

    • · Rights to some suitable faculty office or desk space (for local Fellows, to the

extent available), but no further entitlements

    • · Thesis or dissertation allowance may be granted subject to the

recommendation of the APFC, the availability of funds and approval by the Chancellor (During the leave with pay, the faculty member retains his/her faculty item.)

3) Obligations and other conditions

  • a) Before the start of the full study leave with pay or fellowship, the Fellow (also

those on full study leave with pay) must execute a return service contract with the University and the corresponding surety agreement.

    • · For local Fellows, the contract shall stipulate (among other things) a return

service of one year (12 months) for every year spent, or a fraction thereof, on fellowship.

    • · For Fellows abroad, the return service shall be at the rate of two years (24

months) return service for every year, or fraction thereof, spent on fellowship or full study leave.

  • b) In case the Fellow does not fulfil the return service requirements, then s/he

must reimburse the following to the University:

    • · All expenses incurred, plus
    • · An equity charge of 50% of the total amount expended, and
    • · Interest at the prevailing legal rate at the time of the breach or revocation of

the contract.

A member of the UP faculty or staff may act as guarantor in the surety agreement only if s/he is a relative of the faculty Fellow.

  • c) The Fellow must commit to the following conditions:
    • · Complete, in the soonest time possible, the graduate program for which the

fellowship was granted;

    • · Study full-time (i.e., carry at least the normal load);
    • · Not engage in any other employment or practice of profession during the

period of the award;

    • · Submit at the end of each semester a true copy of grades and a progress

report duly certified by the Fellow's faculty adviser to the chair, dean, and Diliman Academic Personnel and Fellowship Committee.

4) Duration [1053rd BOR meeting, Aug. 27, 1992; 1156th BOR meeting, Nov. 29, 2001] Faculty members on study leave may enjoy a fellowship or full study leave with pay as follows, subject to availability of funds, exigencies of service, and based on merit.

    • · Master's degree: at most two and a half years (30 months)
    • · Doctoral degree:
  • – Up to four years (48 months) after a master's degree or its equivalent has

been earned

  • – Up to five years (60 months) for straight Ph.D. program

In very exceptional cases, and on the recommendation of the CU APFC, the Chancellor may authorize an extra semester for those pursuing a master's degree or an extra year for those pursuing a doctoral degree. Furthermore, fellowship (local or abroad) shall be awarded on a year-by-year basis, depending on the academic performance of the Fellow. On the other hand, full study leave with pay (local or abroad) shall be awarded only on a semester-by- semester basis, depending on the academic performance of the faculty student and the need by the department or college for his/her regular faculty services.

5) Additional conditions

  • a) When a faculty member is awarded a faculty fellowship or goes on study leave

without pay, his/her department gets the right to hire a substitute. Thus, the total teaching capacity of the department or college is not impaired. This is NOT the case when a department or college allows a faculty member to go on full study leave with pay because there are no funds to hire a substitute.

    • · In recommending a full study leave with pay, the rest of the department

and/or college faculty commits itself to take over the teaching load and other duties to be left behind by the faculty going on full study leave.

    • · The decision to allow a faculty member to go on study leave with pay

should be a COLLECTIVE faculty decision. Before a chair or dean recommends full study leave with pay, the rest of the department should be informed in writing (by the chair or dean) and there should be, at least, a consensus among the faculty on their commitment to shoulder the additional load.

  • b) Faculty Fellows or those on study leave with pay, specially those enrolled

abroad or who, at some point during the leave, go abroad as part of their study program, may be further subject to other requirements imposed by the National Government (e.g., NEDA, DFA, etc.).

It shall be the duty of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs to keep abreast of these rules, keep the faculty informed, and enforce the rules.

b. Study leave without pay

Faculty members on full study leave without pay shall enjoy complete de-loading from regular faculty duties and 100% waiver of tuition, laboratory and miscellaneous fees (except Student Fund fees) provided the study load is approved by the faculty member's graduate advisor and department chair, subject to normal academic progress but no other entitlements. Those on such leave (local or foreign) are subject to the same requirements as local faculty Fellows, except in the matter of the return service obligation. Faculty on full study leave without pay shall render one (1) year of service for every two (2) years of leave or a fraction thereof. The same limits on the total number of years imposed on faculty Fellows shall be imposed on those on full study leave without pay. [1142nd BOR meeting, May 26, 2000]

Source : UPD Manual pp. 59-63