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  • The College of Education offers two four-year bachelor's degrees: the Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) which aims ...chelor of Science in Education. This required the completion of a six-unit thesis course.
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  • Speech 200 (Undergraduate Thesis) Encyclopedia Britannica’s Book of the Year
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  • The College offers the four-year '''Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA)''' program which seeks to prepar ...grees. The MPA program has three plans: Plan A (thesis track), Plan B (non-thesis track with specialization), and Plan C (mid-career executive masters). Plan
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  • ...f the curriculum is set to be implemented to incoming freshman of Academic Year 2013-2014. ...ublic Administration (MPA)''' program: Plan A (thesis option), Plan B (non-thesis option), and Plan C (for mid-career professionals).<br />
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  • ...iends. These were the raisons d'être that lured them closer. Before the year was over, persons and edifices became familiar. ...o the name but persist on with the quest to unite with others. Before the year was over, the group grew in numbers with diverse school affiliations and ge
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  • ...occupation of the Philippines|Japanese War]] and re-opened only in 1946. A year after the College transferred to [[Diliman]], [[Quezon City]] in 1948, Dean ...rieval.<ref name="UG Catalog 88">{{cite book}}</ref><ref>{{cite book|title=Thesis Section Manual of Procedures|date=2013|publisher=UP College of Engineering
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  • ...alaureate degree programs and about 50 in the graduate degree programs per year. It also services the physics course requirements of over 1000 non-major st ...Pacific. Utilizing a comprehensive training via an apprenticeship scheme, thesis work (required for undergraduate and graduate degree) is carried out under
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  • This four-year undergraduate course prepares students for community practice, social actio The MCD Program requires either a thesis or a comprehensive examination for graduation.
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  • Thesis Statement: '''With online gambling as a lucrative industry in the Philippin ...opment of the local online gambling industry was reflected in its whopping year-end net income of P116 million. Finally, in February 2008, PAGCOR official
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  • Students, Materials Science and Engineering Appreciation Seminars, Thesis Marathon, to name a few. Socio-civic works are also included by conducting
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  • In the academic year 2009-2010, TMS tried to explore other areas of the travel and tourism indus ...part of 2009-2010. It hosted a two-session seminar on research entitled ''THESIS IT''. Dr. [[Miguela Mena]], now AIT Dean, talked about the basics of quanti
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  • and other arts through workshops, publications, contests, screenings, thesis exposures, and academic tie-ups. Throughout the years, it has gained recogn ...he First Semester, and on February for the Second Semester of the Academic Year. Applicants are then immersed to various film workshops and activities. <br
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  • 1959, the history of the College of Arts and Sciences dates back to the year 1910, with the formation of the College of Liberal Arts. Upon the start of Academic Year 1959-1960, the College of Liberal Arts was reorganized into three separate
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  • ...he University's coordinating base for marine research. In June of the same year, the first Advisory Executive Council of the Center was formed with the app ...ience. In 1995, MSI had 1.0 international refereed publication per PhD per year, the highest among academic institutions in the country.
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  • *Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (149-155 units) is a four-year course that provides students with a strong background in the traditional a *Diploma in Chemistry is a one-year course for students with a bachelor's degree with at least 20 units of coll
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  • ...regular University Theater Season of four to five plays in every academic year, Dulaang UP has staged more than 100 plays to date. serves as a training ground for Theater Arts students enrolled in their thesis subject as well as in special projects, directing, acting, lighting, produc
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  • ...ol of Nursing in the University of the Philippines.” An abstract of this thesis was enthusiastically received by Filipino nurses in convention on May 9, 19 ...on, and public health. In 1968, the Masters in Nursing (MN) program, a non-thesis course focused on clinical specializations in Medical-Surgical Nursing, Mat
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  • ...initiated the foundation of a modern library in the university with her 10-year library development program which focused on an adequate book fund, a perma ...r summer; after which they pay a research fee of Php20.00/day or Php450.00/year.
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  • ***· have served at least one (1) year as a regular UP faculty member **· Thesis or dissertation allowance may be granted subject to the
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  • ...esis]][[Category:Year Thesis]][[Category:Thesis--Subject Field]][[Category:Thesis--Subject Sub-field]]
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