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  • ''Knowledge, Assessment and Values of UP Students'' (College of Arts & Letters. UP-CIDS, 1997
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  • ...ims to prepare students for teaching in the secondary school. Not only are students in these two programs rigidly trained on pedagogy but they are also highly ...1913, it was called the School of Education and was headed my a Director. Students were admitted into the School of Education after completing a preparatory c
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  • also a highlight feature of the program's curriculum, aiming to immerse students to actual public sector activities. ...pecialization), and Plan C (mid-career executive masters). Plan A prepares students for teaching, research, and other careers in public service. Plan B offers
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  • ...ublic Administration (BPA)''' program is a four-year course which provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills in public management and in ...c Administration (DPA)''' program is designed to develop the capability of students to relate basic problems and processes of Philippine public administration
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  • meetings and every time with new faces the assembly of fellow Quezonian students gradually grew in numbers which was transitorily called U.P. QUEZON VARSITA ...Student Governance was of paramount concern. The fight was on and livid students rallied to the causes to restore the University and College Student Council
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  • ...zine's Cover Celebrities and their Effects on the Lifestyle of High School Students
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  • ...[[air-conditioning]] system on the library. This eventually attracted more students and faculty to avail of the library services.<ref>{{cite book|last=Lopez|fi ...dent population, from more or less 2,000 students in 2001, to almost 6,000 students this 2013, in addition to the 273 Faculty Members.<ref>{{cite book|title=UP
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  • ...r. It also services the physics course requirements of over 1000 non-major students per semester and co-implements the graduate programs in environmental scien ...them to actual physics research. This program is specifically designed for students who intend to pursue professional research and/or teaching careers in physi
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  • This four-year undergraduate course prepares students for community practice, social action, and extension services. the curricul An undergraduate program that prepares students for direct practice in social work with individuals, families, groups and c
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  • ...anthropology, and anthropological theory. The courses are designed to help students understand human biological and cultural diversity and the forces that shap
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  • ...but also to the promotion of unity, professionalism and camaraderie among students and professionals in the field of materials technology. It also aims to pr big annual events like The MatCh (Materials Challenge) for high school Students, Materials Science and Engineering Appreciation Seminars, Thesis Marathon,
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  • ...CRUSADES, a circle of friends formed by Carl Trocio, Rommel Calimlim, and students from the university in 1995. After a while, Trocio and Marlon Castor decide .... Entitled ''Business at Holiday'', the 2000 Business Trip was attended by students from the Asian Institute of Tourism and the UP College of Home Economics.
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  • ...versity of the Philippines Diliman]]. But later on, it expanded to include students from other colleges as well. Membership is open to all students of the [[University of the Philippines Diliman]] regardless of degree progr
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  • It is the place to see other students and to be seen. In more ways than one, Palma Hall or AS is the heart of the ...ll is one of the most popular ''tambayans'' of the students. This is where students usually stay or wait during their breaks, meet up, and conduct small group
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  • ...earch assistantships in various ongoing projects are available to graduate students.
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  • ...f Science in Chemistry (149-155 units) is a four-year course that provides students with a strong background in the traditional areas of chemistry: organic, an *Diploma in Chemistry is a one-year course for students with a bachelor's degree with at least 20 units of college chemistry to ena
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  • ...ulaang Laboratoryo which also serves as a training ground for Theater Arts students enrolled in their thesis subject as well as in special projects, directing, Dulaang UPs holistic approach to the staging of plays provides students with a fuller and deeper understanding of theater. Having been thoroughly t
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  • ...neral and continue to be the inspiration and role models of the alumni and students who make the university proud of their accomplishments and contributions to
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  • ...e University to be a center of academic freedom. It also represents the UP students who are trained to offer their lives in the service of the Filipino people. * All bona fide students, faculty, employees, members of the Board of Regents, and officials of the
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  • ...Tan and was founded twenty years ago in September 8, 1989. We cater to the students of the School of Statistics. We aim to shape our members into well-rounded ...the community where the organization functions. We believe the Statistics students should not only excel in academics but should also hone his or her social w
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